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Brew and Bean Home Tasting: Turning Point Brewing Co.

Week 2 of our home tasting sessions; this week it was the turn of Turning Point Brewing Co. with four of their current beers they’ve brewed during lockdown.

Who are Turning Point Brewing Co.?

Based in North Yorkshire, Turning Point Brewing Co. are one of the most innovative, exciting breweries in the North of England. With their core beer Disco King being a staple in pubs across Yorkshire, they have rapidly made a name for themselves since bursting onto the scene in 2017.

“The brewery launched into orbit in 2017, with Aron & Cameron calling time on the day jobs and never looking back. Since then they’ve been busy brewing as many unique beers as possible, whilst modestly honing their craft,
learning everything they can about this mysterious liquid, and trying their damnedest to cram as much fun into every minute of it as possible.

Our Tasting

For this tasting session, we bought four of the current popular Turning Point range available from their webshop. Rainbow Road (3% Nano IPA), Chip Hazard (5.7% Mint Choc Pale), Sitting In A Tin Can (5.5% IPA) and Sunshine Indoors (6.0% Mango and Saffron Lassi Donut Ale).

Rainbow Road – 3.0% Citra Nano IPA

First up, Rainbow Road, a 3.0% Citra Hopped Nano IPA. Described by the guys at Turning Point as “a low ABV, full flavoured IPA packed to the rafters with Citra and Comet hops. A perfect all day beer.” This beer was a great beer to kick off a tasting session, light, hop-forward and at just 3.0%, felt like a good introduction to the evening’s beers.

Adam’s Verdict

Yeah this is an excellent, almost table beer, style IPA. Low ABV but packed with flavour. I expected this to be more like a tropical juice when looking at the ABV, but the Citra/Comet balance makes this a really nice beer to drink. They say it themselves, perfect to drink all day and I absolutely agree with that.

Leanne’s Verdict

Firstly, I think the branding and the name is great. Fits in with the wider space theme of Turning Point well and left a bit of mystery as to what the beer would be like. Aroma is hoppy with some fruity notes. On first taste, you’d almost expect this to be more than 3%, the amount of flavour packed in from the Citra. Quite a fizzy mouth feel, good sweetness and very, very sessionable.

Chip Hazard – 5.7% Mint Choc Ice Cream Pale

Second on the list was a beer we’d had a couple of months ago, Chip Hazard. Brewed originally with Brewdog York for Collabfest 2019, this Ice Cream Pale does exactly what it says on the tin. Following the Nano IPA, this had huge, punchy mint flavours and we even accompanied it with some Mint Choc ice cream, to prove just how close to the flavour description this beer was. TP describe this as:

"We've saved you a trip to the ice cream van by adding freshly picked mint leaves and cacao to a sweet and cooling ice cream pale. Don't put a flake in it... it will just sink."

Adam’s Verdict

Does exactly what it say on the tin. This is Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream in a beer. Great flavour, beautiful aroma and, in short, all round genius from Turning Point.

Leanne’s Verdict

Love the name and the branding, it quite literally is what is says on the tin. Had this before so was looking forward to re-discovering the beer. Aroma is that of an After Eight chocolate and whilst the mint-choc is the dominant flavour, there is a bitterness that follows the sweetness that is very welcome.

Sitting in a Tin Can – 5.5% IPA

There’s nothing better in the beer world than a brilliant IPA. Well hopped, good bitterness balance and a nice juicy mouth feel isn’t easy to achieve, but TP have done that here. Brewed with Major Tom’s Social in Harrogate as part of their sixth birthday celebrations, this is one of Turning Point’s stand out pale ales.

"Centennial, Citra, Chinook hops make up this delightfully fruity IPA."

Adam’s Verdict

Best beer of the night for me. Huge citrus and tropical aroma, smooth mouth feel and a balanced bitterness. Citra, Chinook and Centennial combine in a truly classic way making this a beauty. Hazy, refreshing and the perfect barbecue beer.

Leanne’s Verdict

Again, the branding and the name is unmistakably Turning Point and is a great name for the Collab with Major Tom’s. As someone who grew up in Harrogate, any collaborative project with Major Tom’s excites me. Aroma is that of a classic IPA, juicy and fresh from the Citra and Chinook. Hoppy taste, with a lasting bitterness; very refreshing. More sessionable than the 5.5% would suggest.

Sunshine Indoors – 5.7% Mango and Saffron Lassi Donut Ale

Another one originally brewed for Brewdog’s Collabfest 2019, this is a pudding in a can! Mango, Saffron, Vanilla all combine in this Donut Ale. The most intriguing of the evening, this beer has been eagerly anticipated by both of us in the week up to drinking it.

"This fruity little amuse-bouche is the perfect summer sorbet you didn't know you needed. Complex, spicy, and refreshing."

Adam’s Verdict

I was looking forward to this, but unfortunately this really wasn’t for me. The saffron in this was way to overpowering to be palatable and I was so gutted! Mango and Donut flavours non-existent and this really wasn’t a beer I enjoyed drinking, two sips and it was left. First time I’ve ever disliked a TP beer though so won’t stop me going back!

Leanne’s Verdict

I’m a big fan of beers packed with flavours that aren’t just developed from the hops and this is one of those. The aroma is a little “food-like” but not a donut. The saffron comes through strong and overall the beer isn’t as sweet as expected; there is so much going on, you get sweet, the creaminess from the mouth feel, then the pastry/donut flavours then finally a saffron flavour. I could have a couple of these happily.

All in all a brilliant tasting session, four very different beers all brewed well. All are currently available online and go check them out on social media to find deals, live tasting evenings and more!

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