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REVIEW: Forever – Apollo Junction

We’ve all got them.  Got loads of them.  Velocity Girl by Primal Scream is one of mine.  Whenever I hear it, I’m transported back in time to my university bar, and I can see my mate Sean Carter shovelling coins into the juke box.  At 10 pence a pop for a single lasting just over 90 seconds, he spent most of his student grant on that song. 

That’s the theme of Apollo Junction’s latest single, Forever.  In the band’s own words, ‘It’s a song about those classic songs that remind you of times, places, people, of how a song can take you right back to the moments that made you what you are today’.

Following on from last year’s critically acclaimed first album Mystery, Apollo Junction carry on in the same vein with another lively, guitar infused, synth-pop winner. 

The song starts quietly with a few, singular piano notes before the beat bangs in.  Drums, guitars and keyboards all combine to get your body moving, before Jamie Williamson’s distinctive vocals kick in, ‘Time is coming round, I hear it coming down’.

The song is built around Ben Hope’s driving bass riff and a dancy drumbeat.  This provides the backbone for layers of keyboards and guitars to interplay around Williamson’s lyrics. The tune bounds cheerfully along to the chorus ‘We belong together now; this is our forever now’.  The bridge section is a rising amalgamation of claps, and U2 style guitars laden with delay. 

Apollo Junction have previously cited their Brit-Pop influences, but whenever I hear their music, and this track is no exception, I am taken further back.  Apollo Junction’s sound to me is reminiscent of mid-era James.  It’s optimistic, happy, indie-guitar music bonded to danceable synth melodies.                

You were supposed to be bouncing along to this song at Leeds Belgrave Hall this month. Forever is available on all the usual platforms.  Bounce along at home.

Ian Dunphy.     

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