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Review: You – Dirty Laces

”Put some ketchup on it”.  Do you know who said that?  John Lennon.  He used to say that to his sound engineer during recording sessions.  “Put some ketchup on it!”’.  These were the last words that Dirty Laces guitarist Jacob Simpson said to me following our interview in December.

With their latest single You, Dirty Laces have certainly not spared the condimentsIt’s an impressive track on many levelsFirstly, there’s the length.  With a running time just shy of seven minutes it’s an epic track.  There are reasons that singles usually only last three minutes.  Bands don’t trust listeners to have the concentration to listen to anything longer than that.  Also, it can be difficult to keep a track interesting for long periods without being repetitive.  With this song, Dirty Laces have faith in themselves to be able to hold the listener’s attention.  Their faith is well placed.  It’s seven minutes you’ll spend well. 

The song starts with a tambourine rhythm and guitars weighty with fuzz and delay.  Drums heavy with cymbals and hi-hat come in, joined with more guitars.  There are light motifs, reminiscent of the start of Champagne Supernova, aligned to searing lead guitar parts.  I actually gave up trying to count how many guitar parts there are on this song.  Like I said, it’s an epic.

It’s a full minute before singer Charlie Jordan’s distinctive vocals kick-in, and a further minute before he starts to stretch himself during the chorus, ‘and I wanna be with you’.   When I spoke to the band in December, we talked about comparisons that had been made between their sound and that of other more historic Manchester bands.  Bass player Thomas Edwards said, ‘We don’t get it, when we’re rehearsing, we think we sound like Black Sabbath’.  Well this track certainly travels in a very heavy direction.  By the time the song reaches the bridge we’re in a cacophony of effect laden, layered guitars.  At one point I swear it sounds like someone is playing a tuned Harley Davidson.                   

You has the works; Ketchup, mustard, onions, and peppers. Treat your musical taste buds and give it a listen.

Ian Dunphy

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