Wanderlust – Allendale Brewery, Hexham

Wanderlust is a West Coast Style IPA brewed by Allendale Brewery, based in Northumberland; brewed with Zeus, Cascade, Centennial , Citra and Mosaic hops allowing for a punchy, 6.5% pale ale which is hoppy, fruity but bitter too.


A 6.5% IPA, Wanderlust is the little brother of Allendale Brewery’s award winning Double IPA (7.4%). Brewed with a blend of 5 different hops (Zeus, Cascade, Centennial , Citra & Mosaic), the beer has a floral aroma, largely due to the Zeus and Centennial, but when you drink it, Wanderlust is much more subtle in terms of flavours, than anticipated for a beer of such a high ABV, yet the bitterness remains. With an overall rating of 3.46 on Untappd, the beer certainly isn’t to everyones liking. We think it should be a staple beer of any real beer-drinkers fridge if you like subtle tropical flavours with a bitter aftertaste.


The easiest way to describe it is in three distinct flavour profiles. Initially, through the Citra and Mosaic, you get an instant tropical flavour, with a bit of grapefruit and citrus coming through from the Centennial. You then taste the dominant floral flavour, again due to the hop profile of the beer, but this soon disappears into a bitter aftertaste. It does leave the mouth a little dry after each sip, but that’s all the more reason to not leave it down on the table for too long before having your next.


The Centennial (Super Cascade) combined with Zeus, dominate the aroma profile of Wanderlust. Floral smells come through pungently, but you can also smell the bitterness the beer provides in the aftertaste. This might put some people off if you’re expecting a fruit filled IPA, but with an IBU of 77, it’s clear that this bitterness is what drives the aroma and taste profile. We think it entices you in to the beer, especially if you like typical IPA flavours.

Description & Rating

Style: West Coast IPA
ABV: 6.5%
Untappd Rating: 3.46 (28/03/2020)

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