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REVIEW: Into the Night – Clear Vinyl

Into The Night is the latest release from Sheffield band Clear Vinyl. The long anticipated follow up from their trio of singles in 2019, Into The Night is a song about not fitting in, wanting to escape and go back to simpler times.

Band: Clear Vinyl
Track: Into The Night
Time: 3:29 minutes
For fans of: Cold Years, Puppet Theory
H2N Rating 65/100

In times like these, sometimes you just need a track or two you can put on in the background, not pay too much attention, and just find yourself enjoying what you’re listening to. Clear Vinyl are a band you can do that to; with all of their releases so far, it’s the perfect music for playing at any time of day, in any social situation and nobody would complain, and that rings true with new release Into The Night.

Credit: RoeParkin

As always, the Sheffield four-piece have released a track that has their own alt-pop sound they’ve honed over the past 18 months, and using their own words “staying true to their core beliefs that music should be fun and an escape from the world of political and emotional turmoil that we exist in.” Taking influence from some of the great artists of the time, Sundara Karma and The Night Cafe, their new release has a nice indie feel but with the alt-pop kick they’re best at.

Into The Night, for the duration of the nearly 3 and a half minutes, plays on some of the most current sounds out there in the indie-pop market right now, but the riffs and underlying guitars could come right out of a recent Foo Fighters record which is testament to the numerous influences this band have. That being said, whilst I think it’s a progression from 2019 releases You and Foolish, this was actually one of the first the band wrote together which I was shocked to hear as it is exactly that, a real progression both musically and in terms of catchiness.

“We’ll run away I’l; keep you safe, back in my home time when everything was easy.

I like this band. They do the basics right and whilst some would see them as “safe”, playing it safe is sometimes a risk in itself. Clear Vinyl have had a torrid 12 months and the fact they’ve come out of it the way they have to release Into The Night shows how committed they are to their sound and music. Lyrically, it’s relatable, and does exactly what the guys want, gives you a release, even for just a few minutes and they couldn’t have released this at a more pertinent time. Top effort and I’m looking forward to what’s coming next from this exciting, talented outfit.

H2N Ranking Score
Originality: 10/20
Lyrics: 14/20
Complexity: 12/20
Catchiness: 16/20
Stadium Filler Rating: 13/20

Photo credit: RoeParkin


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