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INTERVIEW: Reclaim Vienna

I was looking forward to seeing Reclaim Vienna play Zanzibar in Liverpool this weekend.  I was not surprised or disappointed that the gig was cancelled.  These are strange times we’re living in, but gigs will be rescheduled, and that’ll give us all something to look forward to.

Cheshire based Reclaim Vienna are brothers Danny and Ryan Smith (guitar/lyrics, and drums/lyrics respectively), Harry Woodrow (keys), Ryan Harlow (lead guitar), Jon Steen (vocals) and Paul Hill (bass).  They play electronic pop with stomping beats, synth loops and anthemic guitars.  I still wanted to do something and approached the band with the offer of a virtual interview.  It’s not ideal, I’d prefer to do an interview face-to-face, over a table and a pint, but like I said these are strange times.  Thankfully Danny Smith readily agreed to the offer and I fired some questions over to him.     

Reclaim Vienna – Kick The Butterfly

Is it true that the band’s name is a veiled reference to a football match that I attended in 1985?

Danny – It is, my brother and I are Everton fans and we beat Rapid Vienna in the ’85 Cup Winners Cup final.  My Dad was also at the game and I always remember the screens at Goodison, before kick-off they would run a video, it started with the fella getting chased by the police (Eddie Cavanagh at Wembley 1966!) and ended with that game.  It’s a childhood memory.  Our guitarist Ryan had an idea of using the word ‘Reclaim’ and we merged the two together.

How did your association with 42’s Records come about?

Danny – Andy Wood first approached us after hearing our song Paris.  He liked it and made contact with us.  He came to a few of our gigs and we showcased more of our songs and the label liked them so here we are!

How would you describe the bands sound to the uninitiated?

Danny – Electronic sounds for the dancefloor.

Bands containing brothers have a history of being a bit fractious.  How’s things going inside Reclaim Vienna at the moment?

Danny – Not too bad at the moment.  My brother and I are getting along well.  He’s writing some strong material at the moment with lyrics and melodies and if he keeps going, he may become half as good as me!

Tell me about the new single Change The Echo? 

Danny – Change The Echo is our ending song and there’s a responsibility for a song for it to be that way.  You must end with a strong tune and that’s what it is for us.  It’s got synth hooks and vocal melodies that make it a very joyous song.  It’s our favourite to play live at the moment.

With gigs rightly being cancelled at the moment, how are Reclaim using their time?

Danny – We’re awaiting the release of our single Change The Echo on the 27th.  Pushing CD sales and pre-order for merch.  I will be writing songs too now I have a little time away from the world.  I’ve written one today, so I hope to have a few more completed.  Other than that, I will be doing the best I can to help sort this mess out.  The world is a mess right now and we all need to look after each other. 

I think we can all agree with that last sentiment.  See you on the other side.  

Ian D.

Photo Credit: Adam Holland Photography

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