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REVIEW: [Insert Girls Name Here] – The Luka State

There’s little doubt that we all know where the beating heart of North-West indie music currently lies.  Wigan.  Perhaps Wigan should be looking over its shoulder, towards the south and the salty Cheshire plains around Winsford.  Local boys, Deja Vega are building an escalating reputation, Reclaim Vienna are creating a bit of a buzz, and completing the Cheshire invasion are The Luka State. 

Band: The Luka State
Track: [Insert Girls Name Here]
Time: 3:08 minutes
For fans of: Stereophonics, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Pigeon Detectives
H2N Rating 76/100

Singer/guitarist Conrad Ellis, guitarist Lewis Pusey, bass player Sam Bell, and drummer Jake Barnabas have developed a reputation for producing some kick-ass rock n roll tunes.  Hot on the heels of recent killer singles, Girl and Fake News, comes their latest single release [Insert Girls Name Here]. It’s another winner.   

If you’ve been lucky enough to see The Luka State on their recent winter tour, you’ll be familiar with [Insert Girls Name Here].  The song’s been around for a little while.  It’s the song in the set where things start to get loud, sweaty, and messy.  People take notice.  I’m glad to say that this recorded version of the song loses none of that live energy and immediacy. 

The song starts with a rhythmic assault on the senses.  Jake Baranbas’s pounding drums, Sam Bell’s throbbing bass, and the rhythm guitar of Lewis Pusey work in perfect unison to thump the listener around the head before Conrad Ellis’s growling, emotional vocals kick in.  The song races along in a relentless barrage of layered guitars with killer riffs, before developing more urgency towards the chorus ‘Think for a moment, Can you take it on the other side’ urges Ellis.

Apart from a brief bass break, and the melancholic bridge where Ellis sings ‘So come and do me wrong, and I can’t take this, But I’ve been here before and I can make this’, the song is an insistent barrage of sonic emotion.  After the bridge, the big riffs kick back in and the song barrels to its inevitable conclusion.  The sudden, dramatic conclusion echoes that moment when the realisation hits you that that relationship is over.       

I asked singer Ellis to give me the background to the song and its title.  ‘Every musician’s been burned in love.  I think that’s why we write the songs we write, to get that emotion off our chest.  But at the same time, anyone who has been through those emotions can relate to this song’. 

There are rumours that the band’s debut album will be getting released in the summer.  Looking at it from this moment in time, the bands greatest difficulty will be narrowing down the ’Possible v.  probable’ tracks to make it on to the album.            

Rock n roll is alive and well and living in Salt-Town.

Ian D.          

H2N Ranking Score
Originality: 16/20
Lyrics: 14/20
Complexity: 14/20
Catchiness: 15/20
Stadium Filler Rating: 17/20

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Photo credit: TBC

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