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REVIEW: I Want It All – Blackwaters

Band: Blackwaters
Track: I Want It All
Time: 2:36 minutes
For fans of: Libertines, Babyshambles, FIDLAR
H2N Rating 76/100

Sheffield’s Blackwaters release follow-up to indie anthem Two Time Lover. I Want It All is loud, fast paced and up there with their best work to date.

So with the country in almost lockdown, I’ve taken it upon myself to try and review a band with every letter of the alphabet. I kicked off last week with Autopilot, now, Sheffield’s Blackwaters who recently released their short, punchy track I Want It All.

At 2:36mins, this is a fast-paced belter of a number that combines the best of garage rock with the style of lat 00s Carl Barat. Sold? Thought so. The band are a few years on now and did take some criticism early on for sounding too similar to some indie-rock bands gone by, but with the release of I Want It All and Two Time Lover the Sheffield band have made a big statement of originality.

It’s mature, it’s exciting and from the off, Max Tanner (Vocals) brings his unique sound to the track on top of a punchy riff. The guitars throughout drive this track through its 156 seconds and despite being so short, had depth in the lyrics and the music that set it aside from anything the four-piece have put out before.

Now it would be lazy journalism to just compare these guys to the Libertines; but despite a revival of Doherty and co, there really hasn’t been a band that manages to span indie/garage genres like they did, until Blackwaters came about. I Want It All is already one that you can tell is going to be a live-set highlight, and it takes me back to the first time I ever saw The Libs live on stage.

Blackwaters are a very good band. With lyrics in their catalogue spanning issues of youth, ethics, freedom and politics now and again, they are already pushing the boundaries of the genre. Yes they’re here to make statements, but they do it in an anthemic, rather than an abrasive way. I Want It All signals the start of a big year ahead for these guys and it’ll be good to see how they progress as having seen them live earlier in the year, I know this is just the edge of what they can achieve.

H2N Ranking Score
Originality: 17/20
Lyrics: 17/20
Complexity: 14/20
Catchiness: 13/20
Stadium Filler Rating: 15/20

Photo Credit: Dave Carpenter

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