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REVIEW: Brain Cell – Autopilot

Band: Autopilot
Track: Brain Cell
Time: 3:57 minutes
For fans of: Killers, Sundara Karma, New Order
H2N Rating 69/100

In an attempt to review a band starting with every letter in 2020, I thought it logical to kick off with the letter A and there was no better band to choose than midlands outfit Autopilot who recently released new single Brain Cell.

Featuring Andy Hopkins formerly of The Enemy, the three-piece have taken a big stride in developing their sound with Brain Cell. In 2019, they released Glass of Gold which didn’t quite hit the mark for us at Halfway 2 Nowhere, but with one play of Brain Cell, all was forgiven.

From the start, the synth hook kicks in and when the verse begins with the vocals of Jack Schofield you just know this is going to be the band’s best release to date. They have a kind of sound that mixes the best of indie-rock, sort of K’s-esque but with their synth and bass driven sound, they could have been plucked right out of the late 00s, think Hoosiers or Alphabeat.

To say the track is anthemic would be a step too far, but the choruses and that synth hook I keep coming back to are certainly signals of where this band are heading. At the 3 minute mark the track drops into the instrumental bridge which, I imagine, live is the standout part of the Autopilot set.

Throughout Brain Cell, you get the feeling this is just the start for this band. The soaring vocals are complemented with musical ingenuity, but the key to it all, it’s catchy as hell. Taking a step back to 2018 when they released Invincible, this should have been the follow up – it’s natural progression and I like the direction they’re taking. Watch this space, Autopilot are coming.

H2N Ranking Score
Originality: 13/20
Lyrics: 13/20
Complexity: 12/20
Catchiness: 18/20
Stadium Filler Rating: 13/20

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