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REVIEW: Over The Moor – Glass Violet

Band: Glass Violet
Track: Over The Moor
Time: 4:36 minutes
For fans of: Killers, Kasabian, Catfish & The Bottlemen
H2N Rating 81/100

Last month, Bristol based band Glass Violet released their second single Over The Moor, the eagerly anticipated follow up to 2019’s Chemicals.

The four piece (Alex John, Tom Hurdiss, Matt West, Josh Walsh and Declan Pollard) formed in 2018 and since then have been slow to release music, but have built their name on the live circuit across the south of England. Since the release of their debut single Chemicals last year, I’ve been looking forward to their follow up and I’m delighted to say, the lads have delivered far beyond what was expected.

In the most simple form of journalism, Over The Moor is an indie masterclass. If you’re a fan of Kasabian, Foals, Killers, all of the above then this is absolutely made for your ears. From the off, the track kicks in with layered guitars over a crashing drum beat before the song drops into a huge synth-guitar soundscape The Killers would be extremely proud of. But that’s where the comparisons stop, this track is superb in its own right, and is a track that belongs on the main stages of festivals globally.

Have you seen the people move, oh dancing to this certain groove. Walk along in single file, resent the things that make you smile”

The energy is clear from the start; the intention of a band that wants to make this year and decade their own is clear for all to see. I love the vocals, they’re subtle but powerful at the same time. The symbiosis between the music and lyrics on this track is something I haven’t heard from a new band in some time; it’s complex yet simple, and is a song I could listen to over and over.

Each verse and chorus flow really well and the final section of the track is quite stunning. To draw a final comparison, the track feels like it belongs on Kasabian’s last record but it has a certain, 2020 spin on it. Over The Moor bends rock genres whilst remaining wholly current and it’s that variation of influences that makes it a really listenable track. The vocals are charming, the guitars are mesmerising and the drums carry this track right through to the end in some style. I’d love to see Glass Violet grow and improve this sound in 2020 and if this is just the start, there’s an extremely exciting year or so ahead for the Bristol band.

Adam G

H2N Ranking Score
Originality: 15/20
Lyrics: 15/20
Complexity: 16/20
Catchiness: 16/20
Stadium Filler Rating: 19/20

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