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REVIEW: Enemies – Skylights

Band: Skylights
Track: Enemies
Time: 4:11 minutes
For fans of: The Ramones, The Stone Roses, Oasis
H2N Rating 72/100

What a year it’s looking like it’s going to be for York’s Skylights. With a Shed Seven support in Halifax announced, sold out shows in Yorkshire and festivals lined-up nationwide during the summer, the four lads from Acomb have come a long way since releasing YRA!

The lads would say it’s down to luck, knowing vocalist Rob Scaz, last time we spoke he said plainly, we’re just four lads having a bit of fun, it’s mental what’s happening right now. But I don’t think it’s just luck, with 2019 releases, Britannia and Lifeline, Skylights have changed and improved their sound and with their ever-present social media graft, they’ve been proactive in finding an audience and it’s reaped huge rewards already for them.

Their new track Enemies is another big step away from the sound many know them for. 18 months ago, Skylights looked like being the next big Yorkshire based Britpop band, but with Enemies and previous release Britannia they’ve taken a step back into the late 80s rather than late 90s and have a much more punk-based sound; think The Who or The Ramones, rather than the Gallaghers or Blur.

“Dream those dreams don’t let ’em go.”

Now they haven’t completely lost their Oasis-britpop twang. The guitars courtesy of Turnbull Smith are clearly heavily influenced by that era but it’s refreshing that Skylights haven’t just become a carbon-copy of 90s bands and have tried to create a sound influenced by the era, but made for 2020. The more you listen to it, the more genres and styles you hear; unlike other Skylights tracks Smith’s guitars aren’t overpowering and you hear the full range of talent on show across the band; especially during the Roses-esque instrumental section.

The song is about dreaming dreams whilst saying f**k you to those who doubt you during school years and even after that. What the guys in Skylights are doing is exactly that. They had no expectations when starting this band, even releasing Enemies I doubt they expected they’d get the chance to play it live on Soccer AM…Their connection with Leeds United has helped and they’re becoming house band down at Elland Road. All the signs are good for Skylights and I bet right now those dreams they have, are as real as they’ve ever been.

Adam G

H2N Ranking Score
Originality: 14/20
Lyrics: 13/20
Complexity: 13/20
Catchiness: 15/20
Stadium Filler Rating: 17/20

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