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LIVE: Faux Pas with Brooders & Bloodhound – Victoria Vaults, York

Faux Pas blow roof off local York venue Victoria Vaults during Independent Venue Week show playing alongside Brooders & Bloodhound.

Independent Venue Week is one of the best weeks in the musical calendar and this year, York’s venues embraced it more than ever before. During the week, on a cold Wednesday night, I headed down to the Victoria Vaults, the fantastic venue that sponsors my radio show on Jorvik Radio, to see Brooders and Bloodhound support H2N favourites Faux Pas.

Kicking off the show were the rowdy Bloodhound who I’d never seen before, somehow. Having listened to some of their tracks before heading down to the Vaults, I was looking forward to their set, but sceptical over whether they’d be able to carry the same quality of their track music into their live performance. Luckily I was proved wrong as the guys came out with one hell of a noise; not just noise though, there was some real melody in what they were performing and after two songs I was sold on them.

At times I was pleasantly surprised with what I was listening to. Labelled as grunge-rock, there was much more depth to them than that. Hailing from Hull, the three-piece often sounded like they were a band with many more members than that. It was powerful, raw and full of huge riffs that left you well in the mood for what was coming up, two masterclasses in music from Bloodhound and Faux Pas.

I’ve heard a lot of good things from Brooders, no less from Joey and Ru in Faux Pas who are always complimentary about their music so I was really looking forward to their set. You can tell their comfortable playing on a bill with their mates and from the off, they bring the noise, and that noise doesn’t die for the full 30 minute set.

Brooders are a band that have a real defined psychedelic/grunge style. Not many bands utilise their bass player to such an extent, but live, it is the bass that really shines through, and runs right through everyone in the audience. Whilst 80% of their tunes are fast, riff heavy, bass driven, grunge belters, they have a knack for writing a killer slow track and when they slow things right down, vocalist Adam Bairstow really makes his presence and quality on stage known. It’s safe to say these guys have a unique sound and I look forward to seeing them grow further in 2020.

It was then the turn of Faux Pas to do exactly what Faux Pas do. I have run out of unique words for this band I’ve reviewed them that much, but it’s probably testament to the guys that I never have a negative to say about them. Ru was on form too which makes for a really enjoyable set. 45 minutes of some of the Faux Pas classics were just what was needed on a dreary Wednesday night and that’s exactly what was delivered. With new music on the horizon, this felt like a final hurrah to the old Faux Pas tracks and signalled the end of this era for the York band.

Set highlight That’s My Ego, was one of the greatest tracks released by an unsigned artist in the 2010s and it stands out on the live Vaults stage. The crowd were energetic and I can honestly say I could have listened to another hour of their set. Joey Leyland on drums always impresses and is probably the best young drummer on the circuit right now so I’m very excited to see how he and the band evolve on their new tracks this year. Huge huge talent and I urge you to catch them live sometime.

Great gig, great representation of IVW in York and a great way to kick January into touch. Here’s to a top 2020 for local artists and venues!

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