Review: Only Paris – Thomas Noel

After his debut track ‘Pass Me By’ displayed his “engaging voice, great lyrics, and honesty,” (The Static Dive), Thomas Noel is back… but this time, with a full band behind him. ‘Only Paris’ is the debut full band single from Thomas Noel, following on from his recent transition into a full band setting, with the song now out on all major streaming platforms.

This new full band sound certainly works for Thomas Noel on his new single ‘Only Paris’.  The singer-songwriter, from the West Midlands started out as a solo acoustic act but recently decided it was time to make his sound bigger by having a full band behind him.  On this evidence it looks a wise decision creating a dynamic indie/folk sound.  This new track has the energy and excitement of early Jake Bugg whilst keeping the intimacy of his earlier stripped back sound. 

The track begins with just acoustic guitar but then the band come in with a chugging beat that builds to a sing along chorus.  Lyrically the track focuses on the barriers in the way of young love but how ‘In the midnight hours the World was ours’.  We’ve all been there when everything else seems to disappear when in those first throes of new love and this track perfectly catches that excitement of wanting to know everything about someone that you’ve just made a connection with.  The outro has slightly more expansive sound with the repeated line ‘This talk of love is killing me’ demonstrating the tension that exists between the excitement and the nervousness of new relationships.

On this new single Noel shows he knows his way around a solid melody whilst getting the most of a strong rhythm section.  As a relatively new artist it will be interesting to see if he fully utilises this new sound, experimenting more both sonically and lyrically.  He has demonstrated on previous singles he can put across an engaging melancholy so it will be exciting to see where he goes now he has more options.  There’s an early 00’s feel to this tune (which doesn’t hurt) but with so many new artists focussing on bigger issues in the current political climate it might be more exciting to see him take this sound into investigating other themes.

Having played his first plugged in show on the 28th of September at The Sunflower Lounge, Thomas is looking to bring his band on stage with more dates to follow. To keep up to date with Thomas you can find him through the links below:

Instagram/Facebook/Twitter – @thomasnoelmusic

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