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The Curious Table – Easingwold, North Yorkshire

The Curious Table, Easingwold
Roaster: York Emporium
Established: 2013

“Come for the brownies, stay for the quirky vibe” should be the motto for this place.
The North and North Wales Independent Coffee Guide

Easingwold is a small market town in North Yorkshire, about 15 miles from the centre of York and in recent times, has become a thriving hub for independent businesses, in particular coffee shops. Leading the charge is The Curious Table, established in 2013 and situated right in the market square.

I visited The Curious Table for the first time this month having read their piece in the North and North Wales Independent Coffee Guide. Renowned for it’s brownies, we were delighted to see that our drinks came with a small piece of the classic chocolate brownie they were serving. Indeed, the taste and texture of these were to die for and the quality tempted us into going for full brunch from the menu.

The coffee served at The Curious Table is a unique blend, roasted by York Coffee Emporium, bespoke for the cafe. Using beans from Ethiopia, Vietnam, Brazil and Guatemala, owner Eddie takes great pride in this blend. Having just been across the market square to TeaHee, which serves North Star Coffee, it was always going to be a challenge to match the quality. We ordered one latte and a filter coffee and as expected, the York Coffee Emporium blend didn’t have the same strong kick as its North Star equivalent. Whilst not to my taste, as I like a bitterness to my coffee, my partner rated it highly, even more so than the flat white we’d just consumed over the road.

I was seriously impressed though with the filter, making use of YCE’s Mocha Java blend. The blend was full of dark chocolate notes with a hint of sweetness cutting through the bitter. Being a mix of African and South American beans there was a real full-bodied taste but with juiciness and fruitiness running through. As I felt I didn’t get the full Curious Table blend experience, I was coaxed into buying a bag of ground beans to takeaway with me to use at home. I haven’t had time to sample yet, but I look forward to trying it in all its glory.

Food-wise, The Curious Table certainly delivered. Between us we had one order of scrambled eggs+bacon on toast, and one order of Avocado on toast. Very impressive I have to say and as their website says, they use local suppliers and produce, which, when you have the luxury of being based in Yorkshire, makes all the difference.

Following my visit, I caught up with the owner Eddie to learn a bit more about The Curious Table, their blend and coffee in general.

Meet the OwnerEddie Copley-Farnell

Where does the name and idea for The Curious Table come from?

I was struggling for inspiration so ran a competition in the local paper, this won with the idea of using unique table bases. So we have an industrial drill, pulley wheel, railway track and sleeper and a couple of others!

You pride yourself on your unique York Emporium blend, how did that come about?I was chatting with Laurence (the man behind the coffee emporium) and came up with it. Taste tested against a few other ideas, but we through this one would work for most people.

Working with a roasters so close must be great for your coffee quality – how important is it you use local suppliers?

It is important, I like to know the people I’m dealing with. To me the product might be the best in the world but if there is no relationship or customer service then what’s the point? If I have an issue with a machine, a roast of coffee. I can get it sorted pretty quickly. If the roast isn’t playing properly we can have a cupping session and see what it is that isn’t working. It rarely happens but when it’s good that relationship is there to work with my roaster. The same can be said for my bakery and others.

The Indy coffee shop scene is thriving, what is it that makes Curious Table stand-out?I’m not one to be big headed. We work hard at what we do to try and make sure our customers have a nice time and come back. The back bone of that is the team that work for me. Without them I’ve got nothing. I like to have a laugh at work, so I hope that comes across with customers too. 

Personal one – what was/where was the best coffee you’ve ever had?
Hmmmmm, that’s a hard one. We are blessed in York with a few great Indy places. However, on a recent trip to Northern Ireland we visited a place called Middletown in Ballymena. It was spot on, a good coffee is important… so is a smile on your face!

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Cover Photo Credit: CycleScan

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