Review: See You Smile – Cherry Lotus

“Passion, energy and the will to give every person that sees them an unforgettable experience and deliver memorable songs that uplift.”  

Cherry Lotus are a four piece indie rock band from the South Coast of England formed in 2018. After a string of gigs at major venues and a host of festival appearances, Cherry Lotus have proven to be a high energy live band that gives their all with every performance. Passion, energy and the will to give every person that sees them an unforgettable experience and deliver memorable songs that uplift. 

Their latest single release ‘Jetlag’ in August 2019 was well received with the music press along with plenty of positive comments from their army of social media followers. With the experiences of their first year behind them ‘Cherry Lotus’ are pushing forward to keep up their high momentum with their future planned releases and live shows. They recently released their brand new track See You Smile, again to a great reception and they’re only growing with every new release.

We live in a complex world where truth is hard to know and where it is hard to find any fixed point to hold on to.  However along with death and taxes there will always be young guys with guitars writing songs about love.  Cherry Lotus the Bournemouth four-piece bring a fantastic energy and honesty to their new single ‘See You Smile’.  Earlier single ‘Fake Leather Attitude’ certainly had more swagger and snarl than this new track which has a softer, more nuanced sound. 

The song builds from simple beginnings with vocals and acoustic to a bolder, fuller sound as it progresses.  There is strong guitar interplay and a radio friendly sound that could see the band go far.  This is a polished track and it is clear that this uplifting sound will win plenty of admirers.  What’s not to love about a tight band with a sing along chorus?  It’ll be interesting to see if they develop their sound to go down a rock route or take on a C86 sound as they progress.  Everything is in place for a big 2020 for this dynamic new band.

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