Review: Sister Brother – Sauce

“It does seem that Sauce have discovered, and are relishing, their identity with a heavier and more distinctive sound.”

Sauce are a proper rock & roll band.  The Manchester four-piece have a classic Rock sound akin to Led Zeppelin and Cream, they’re not messing about.  On this new single it feels like they have really and refined honed their sound.  This new single is an ode to loving your fellow man.  The sound is from an era of classic rock and the lyrics too hark back to a simpler time, which is no bad thing.  In the current climate of binary opposition and anger the simple message; ‘We were made for loving baby, you and me’ is welcome.  Maybe people could do with being reminded we have more that unites us than divides us. 

Produced and engineered by in-demand producer Alex Greaves (Avalanche Party, Honey Moon, Bloc Party) at The Nave in Leeds, as well as Jake Evans in Macclesfield – the band have combined two past producers to deliver one succinct recording.

This message of love is delivered with guitar riffs that are trying to melt your face off and a great groove too.  The ace in the pack for this band though is the fantastic vocals of lead singer Dean Molyneux and it is clear that these guys will tear it up live.  They’ve got a great sound already but I reckon when they release their first full length there’ll be some mega deep cuts where they can stretch their sound out that bit further.  On their previous EP, ‘Liquid Love’, they gave a hint of this on eight-minute track ‘Give Up Everything’ and it’ll be great to see how they progress from here.

Sauce are…Dean Molyneux (vocals), Henry Lewis (guitar), George Stead (drums), Lewis Rushton (Bass)

Upcoming Live Dates

Saturday 2nd November, Thousand Island, London *

Friday 8th November, Boedga, Nottingham *

Saturday 16th November, LiveBars, Warrington

Friday 22nd November, Sunbird Records, Darwen

Saturday 7th December, YES Basement, Manchester

* supporting Twisted Wheel

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