Review: How To Be Famous – The Seamonsters

What a year it’s been for Sheffield’s indie-pop band The Seamonsters. Following the release of Blue Movie Baby back in January, the five-piece have been touring the country, playing a whole host of festivals with This Feeling, and now return with their new single How To Be Famous.

How To Be Famous is a track that tackles the modern obsession with social media, and the damage it causes, something I feel I’ve been writing a lot about this year. This trend in music seems to have well and truly caught on but every young artist that challenges it does it in a different way which is refreshing.

There are some instant influences that you can hear running throughout the track (Blondie/Aztec Camera) but The Seamonsters are a one-of-a-kind band that don’t deserve lazy comparisons. The track begins with a jangly, pop riff followed by the angelic, captivating vocal of Naomi Mann. From there, the five-piece all grow into the track, layer upon layer evolves and it’s something quite brilliant.

Harmonies, vocal crescendos and 60s pop guitars all combine in How To Be Famous to create, oddly, a track that could belong in any of the last six decades. The Seamonsters are an incredibly versatile band and they have achieved exactly what they wanted with this track. The continued echoing of the word “famous” is testament to the constant pressure of young people to become something they’re not online and it’s quite haunting at times when you listen to the track deeply.

How To Be Famous is a big step away from Lost and Blue Movie Baby and if this is the direction the girls are taking the band in 2020 and beyond, then I for one am very excited.

The Seamonsters are

Naomi Mann (lead vocals)
Lauren Smith (bass/backing vocals)
Holly Thompson (lead guitar)
Tassie Drobinski (rhythm guitar)
Ciara Hurding (drums)

Facebook | Twitter.| Instagram 

Photo Credit: Andy Von Pip


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