Single Review: That’s My Ego – Faux Pas

Faux Pas face up to self-medicated sedation with ‘That’s My Ego’

The York music scene is one that most would describe as “underground” only due to the fact, nobody outside of York really knows it exists. With few quality venues it’s difficult to make a name for yourself outside of the city walls but one band that has broken out, and in some style, is Faux Pas, who have just released new single “That’s My Ego”.

Speaking about the track, singer + guitarist Ru explains “That’s My Ego is about defiance and control. I feel like there is a really small number of things that we really have control over and I think it has a really profound effect on people, mostly negative. I find that a lot of our generation find this frustrating and end up self medicating through drugs and alcohol in an attempt to sedate themselves.

Upon first listen, I was hooked. Ru’s vocal is enticing and infectious from the off. The pulsating verses are driven by the dissonant chords and the pounding power of Ru’s vocal. It’s a track that doesn’t flow, it completely immerses you into a feeling of disdain and anger and it’s beautiful.

To draw some lazy comparisons, the Faux Pas sound on That’s My Ego feels like the lovechild of Placebo and The Pixies (not a bad thing by any stretch) but there is such an individuality present with this three-piece. There are no bands doing what Faux Pas are in the Yorkshire scene, and if they are, they certainly won’t be doing it as well. The three-piece have an energy and a chemistry that allows them to explore genres and delve into what punk means in 2019.

Faux Pas: Credit Joe Hudson

The most overlooked element of the track will undoubtedly (as it always is) be the quality of the control of drums by Joey Leyland. If you’ve seen this band live, you hugely appreciate the presence of their man at the back on stage, but for me – That’s My Ego is a track that just wouldn’t land the big punches it does without Leyland on drums. He manages to balance aggression with calm in a way few can and the way in which he understands Ru and Lewis Egdell’s (Guitar) style means he knows exactly what to do to turn a 6/10 track into 8’s and 9’s.Outstanding.

At 4:02 minutes, the track is a roller coaster, from screaming choruses, to verses of discontent. The lyrical genius only comes through after the fourth and fifth listens when you take the time to listen fully and for such a young group of lads to produce this kind of attitude and make this kind of a statement through their music is genuinely refreshing.

I love the way Ru sums up the track and his writing: “I find a lot of inspiration in the people around me every day, truly remarkable people who have overcome more than anyone should, to find their own success. This song is about taking control of who you are and addressing the struggle of those who feel they cannot. For me Faux Pas is a way of just saying “fuck it I’m gonna kick the shit out of this guitar for thirty minutes and I’m gonna love doing it.” It used to be a lot more about anger and hatred and whilst the themes of despair for our surroundings are still present it’s more about promoting the feeling of community.”

Faux Pas are here and they’re here to stay and with any luck, 2020 will be the year the world finds them. You can catch them this Autumn at any of the below dates:

5th Warren Record Store, Hull (Instore)

5th, DIVE Bar, Hull

9th, Star and Garter, Manchester

11th, 229 The Venue, London

12th, Record Junkee, Sheffield (matinee + evening show)

13th, Rough Trade, Nottingham (matinee + evening show)

24th, Phase One, Liverpool (supporting LIFE)

26th, Bootleg Social, Blackpool (supporting LIFE)

27th, YES, Manchester (supporting LIFE)

28th, Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds (supporting LIFE)

29th, Fulford Arms, York (supporting LIFE)

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