Music Review: Dutch Mustard – Drive

Drive is an apt title for this EP from London four-piece Dutch Mustard as all three tracks have a real driving rhythm and force to them.  Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine are the obvious comparison but Dutch Mustard are certainly more than a replica or nostalgia band with their songs tapping into themes of isolation and uncertainty on this strong EP.  The opening bars of the first track ‘Get What You Want’ really pack a punch and are a sign of things to come, crashing drums and heavy guitar licks.  There is a snark and disdain to the powerful vocals of front woman Sarah-Jayne Riedel that fits perfectly with the tight band. 

Second track ‘Make It Through’ has softer, dreamier moments mixed in with some really great riffs that keeps you on your toes.  It has a positive message to overcome barriers and personal demons whilst the music ebbs and flows beautifully featuring a dynamite solo towards the end.  This is a really strong track and you can imagine as their audience grows this could well become an anthem for them.  The last song on the EP Drive is probably the best example of their Shoegaze influences with a great dreamy start.  The tune has a brilliant feeling of escape and would suit a long drive on a dark night perfectly.

The band have started to get quite a bit of buzz around the London Indie scene and from this EP you can see why.  After listening to this EP I went back to their single ‘Weeping Willow’ which is a real gem and worth checking out also.  Dutch Mustard sound like a band ready to start playing to bigger crowds and move onto the next stage in the development of their sound.  In Sarah-Jayne Riedel they have an expressive singer with a great range too.  This is backed up by a really tight band with the drumming especially standing out for the energy and groove.  I’ll certainly be looking out for when they head up North on tour.

Jonny Bussell

Photo Credit: Keira-Anee


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