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roves: that thursday night single review and interview

Those though provoking and sublime roves guys from Reading recently sent me a copy of their then upcoming single that thursday night. I knew immediately what to do; wait til after work on the anointed day, crack open a beer, grab the cat and take my sounds to the garden while the heat of the summer day was still in the stones. Yep, I take good music that seriously.

roves have a knack for creating an ambience and that thursday night continues this fine habit. The story roves want to share is woven into both lyrics and the music. This track has a refreshing flow that’s as welcome as a cool shower after a hot hike in the fields.

The vibe I picked up was something of relief, there’s still an uncertain outcome to the song which gives it a little edge, but a conversation that had been building is finally in the open and the track has the feel of a break out of welcome rain on a sultry day.

that thursday night – stripped back

I thought the that thursday night a little more commercial and accessible than earlier roves tracks, and it continues the strong roves tradition of a lush and sunny musical arrangement and the sublime vocals of Ethan.

Regular review readers will know I have a few true favourites that I write about, and to my ear roves are amongst the very most promising. So I might one day be able to bleat about “reading about roves here first”, I took the power invested in me as H2N reviewer to ask Ethan from roves a few questions, including my by now customary foodie killler closer which leaves most folk floundering… Ethan jumped that hurdle with aplomb.

I know during the academic year you are dotted around the country. Is it a blessing or a curse not being immediately together. What issues arise?

Being dotted around the country obviously isn’t ideal and means we can’t hug as often we like and have quiet months, but it does mean we have a couple of different bases and also is great when we do all get back to Reading with that rush of excitement and a million ideas to show each other

I know the first ep took you quite a while to write and perform to perfect it. Is the song writing process quick for you or do you take a while to finalise them?

Songs can take 10 minutes to finish or years. One of the songs that might make its way onto EP2, we’ve been working on for over 2 years and has only come back into the fold through a recent spark of inspiration over the last few weeks.

The writing process usually involves Connor and I sat around in my bedroom with a couple of guitars and a notepad until we have something we want to show the band and then it grows from there with each of their inputs.

Whats next for roves?

EP2 is what’s next for roves, we’re taking a little break at the moment to write it and finish it and for the first time we are writing with some new people to try and see what that offers which should be interesting. Whether those songs make the EP is another question but it’s now about trying to whittle down the songs and get them right.

Then it’s more gigs over Christmas and Easter and hopefully building towards the EP2 release and a busy summer

You have done a festival or two this summer – what was that like?

We just got back from 110 above and we had the best time. Being first on the Friday we weren’t sure what sort of crowd size we’d have but people showed up and seemed to have a good time.

Being our first festival we were wide eyed and green to the whole thing but we stayed the whole weekend and can happily say it’s now one of our favourite festivals

You are invited to TV’s Sunday Brunch… whats your signature dish, whats cooking and who’s doing what in the kitchen….

So between us we’re a difficult bunch to get right with veggies and fussy eaters, but this is what happens at our own internal band brunch in a rehearsal break.

Connor is our head barista working the French press as well as we know how (coffee is needed). Usually there’s an array of breads, spreads and cheeses available, and between the rest of us we are usually switching around roles between toasting, slicing and buttering and any other jobs that need doing so that everything is all done swiftly and we can return to rehearsals.

Sometimes though we will settle for a bowl of cereal or pop out for a Tesco meal deal (there is no better meal deal).

Chris R

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