Single Review: Nana White Pepper – Tear The World Apart

Having caught Blackpool’s Nana White Pepper live a couple of times this summer, they have quickly become one of a select group of my must-see live bands. The band have a nice blend of aggressive and punchy guitar music and a strong and thoughtful vocal. If you adore intelligent bouncing music along the lines of Cage The Elephant then you need to get onto Nana White Pepper.

Following on the heels of the live “belt it out” magic track Live Or Die, the guys show off their softer side with their latest release, Tear The World Apart. The song is described as a love song for those people who think they can walk all over you. The song has more of a reflective beat, while the lyrics have a weary maturity and tone to them. Patrick Meehan exclaims: “I lost the will, I lost the race. It had to be you”.

Tear The World Apart actually is one massive and beautiful tune. It has a playful almost musical theatre about the tale that is woven into the tune; I can almost imagine ghost images of Bowie in its layers.

One tip if you ever see Nana lead singer Patrick Meehan in the room is to avoid the crowd surf. At Dot to Dot Manchester Patrick helpfully arranged a close knit audience to help out someone who wanted to crowd surf only for the lad to face plant the floor in 3 seconds flat. More recently at the mad Sheafs gig at Tramlines Patrick was again present, as a member of another band (I’ll spare blushes but the experience was mint) decided to climb a table and jump, only to badly miscalculate timings. I’m certainly not blaming Patrick (and indeed he was the first to rush through the mosh pit to check folks had no broken heads) but it seems he’s the kind of guy that innocent fun mischief simply follows…

Unfortunately Nana White Pepper told me they are off the live circuit for a couple of months, but be on the look out for further gigs for the autumn.

Chris R

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