Single Release: The Clause – In My Element

Those hardworking feisty Brummy lads The Clause always have an element of surprise and shape shifting in their dna as they deftly swerve from musical genre to genre. This time new track In My Element reminds me of a deliciously melded mix of clean 60’s rock-pop and post Manchester baggy.

There is a fine line to tread in terms of creating diversity of sound. Too little and you risk your audience dismissing your craft as “too samey” or unoriginal, too much and you risk losing your core fans and direction. The Clause somehow manage to stretch their musical horizons while keeping a keen eye on the direction and image of the band. Live it might just go a little awry with a couple of “why are they covering that?” moments, but it always makes the band healthily unpredictable and used to finding new boundaries to push and new musical highs to achieve.

The main refrain in the tune of In Your Element reminds me somewhat of Chris Evans and the theme tune to TFI Friday (Ocean Colour Scene as I recall). I’m reading from the lyrics that the song has a jaunty attitude towards grabbing anything to achieve a good time, and there’s a nice swaggering confidence in the tune and the vocals. There may be a nod to the 60’s with both the clean bouncing style of the song and the off your face reference to “flying high”.

There’s plenty to like in this song and like The Clause’s previous track Where Are You Now? this is a track that could very easily fly high in terms of radio play, downloads and physical sales. There is something very grounded and considered about The Clause and they are clearly focussed on producing banging, quality tracks.

Having spoken with the band a little bit when they came to Manchester (and more with friends and girlfriends of the band) I know these guys are deadly serious when it comes to their music and forging a career. It’s clear with The Clause that it is all about the music and they have no plan b. If you follow guitarist Liam Deakin on social media you will know he has a healthy disrespect to menial jobs while recognising them as necessary evils. A few years ago I would speak with Van McCann occasionally and while in my view Catfish have less natural talent to the Clause, that similar sheer bloody-minded focus on becoming a stadium band one day means I’d never bet against this likable and very real bunch of lads in The Clause also making it big.

Chris R

Photo Credit: Luke Jones

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