Single Review: The Maitlands – Dissatisfied

Those hardworking fans of Derker near Oldham, The Maitlands, are at it again with their new single Dissatisfied, one of two new tracks being birthed this summer.

I always admire The Maitlands as they pretty much embody what grass roots music is about; keeping it local, being kind and supportive to other local bands and having a lot of fun along the way. The Maitlands have been playing for around 5 years now and have developed quite the niche for punkish tales about everyday life, as well as gaining a heap of respect.

Dissatisfied has a lovely lo-fi entrance which reminds me of teen evenings, reading and messing around in my bedroom, headphones on low while the crinklies were blissfully asleep next door. The song has a simple but true image; showing how demanding and self absorbed some people are. There’s a real frustration in the vocals of Carl L Ingram as he realises how hard it is to keep them satisfied, while the chugging along rhythm and bass line add to that mix of resignation and frustration. There’s something of Jarvis Cocker with the observational humour and even the vocals in this track. Fans of Pulp, The Chamelions, and some of the high pedigree new wave bands from the North will not be disappointed checking these 6 guys out.

Although Im sure I could have just asked the band where their name Maitlands came from, I have spotted 2 apt possibilities. Guitarist and co founder Francis Moran has a namesake who lived as a surgeon in Maitland Australia in the 1820s and helped cure an endemic of whooping cough. Obscure but true and perhaps the pioneer spirit inspired the band. Otherwise the surname Maitland stems from a word meaning bad-tempered. Clearly the observational content of the Maitland songs perhaps fit the bill. There is a Maitland Walk in Chadderton so perhaps there is a more straightforward answer too. One day I’ll ask them but the imagining is fun.

The Maitlands always have a gig or 3 lined up and as the time of going to press its no different now. Given there are 6 of them The Maitlands always fill a stage. Ha no, in truth The Maitlands are a live force well wortb checking out. Of particular note, the band are playing Blackthorn Festival on July 20th, Cotton Clouds Fest on August 16th and have a headline at Manchester Academy 3 on August 10th.

Chris R

Photo Credit: Neil Winward Photography

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