Single Review: Purple Thread – I’m All About You

Leeds quartet Purple Thread are Halfway 2 Nowhere favourites because of their assured, sassy rocky style, and either live or on record, this band are always a tonic (or ear drops), for bored ears. This time around lead vocalist Liz Mann and her band of merry men (believe me, that sounded better in my head) have dropped much of the “punky”, and new track I’m All About You is all raunch, strut and funk.

I always think a band that stops experimenting has come to the end of their natural days, and Purple Thread have developed their sound in this new song in an exciting way; I’m All About You is pure attitude and a heady mix of killer funk disco riffs and Liz Mann’s alternatively honey soft or thrusting vocals. Once again the comparison to prime Debbie Harry is tempting, but this is no fake 1980’s “street rap” designed to sell “cool” to innocent teens, instead Purple Thread make it real. This is a song that feels like Mann is singing it intimately to a lover, and I’ve just caught a snippet of a conversation I shouldn’t have overheard.

Once again the backing from band members (Guitar: Jack Tildsley, Bass: James Foreman and Drums: Ryan Bailey) is jaunty but unforced and relaxed. These guys could be the new Chic. While much of the harder punk edge has softened, the style still sounds deliciously edgy. Purple Thread may have created musical Homoeopathy; a diluted form of punk administered Purple Thread style gives the attitude but brings a cure for a fresh new style. When you compare I’m All About You to the garage punk of Purple Thread’s 2017 track Turn To Shadows then you can see what a fast road this band have travelled.

Purple Thread are fun to see live (and their face to face version of I’m All About You has much of the lively heavy punk restored), and the quartet play Heelapalooza in Middlesbrough on 23 June, and I’m sure they would love your support as they compete in a round of the Futuresounds Emerging Competition at Leeds Wardrobe on July 5th 2019.

Chris R

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