Single Review: The Snuts – All Your Friends

If you’ve read any of Halfway 2 Nowhere’s festival reviews in the last year or so, you’ll have read nothing but praise for Scottish band, The Snuts. Towards the end of May, the four-piece released their brand new single “All Your Friends” and I can comfortably say, whilst a change in studio sound for the band, it is one of the songs of the year so far.

I first saw The Snuts live last summer, and since we cited them as one of the artists to watch in 2019, have gone from strength to strength live, and have finally released a song that matches the energy of their live show, on track. Whilst “Seasons” and “Sing For Your Supper” are arguably the staples, and the best tracks released so far, “All Your Friends” sees The Snuts bring a new sound to their studio portfolio.

More Kasabian than Catfish, the track starts with a slow indie riff, before vocalist Jack Cochrane begins to drive the track into an enviable chorus. As the verse builds, you are immediately hooked on where the song might be going and the eventual eruption does not disappoint. His powerful but smooth voice is one to embrace and celebrate; the pulsating “don’t you remember when” hook plunges you into euphoria as the chorus hits and I would challenge you to not want to either dance, sing, or just smile when listening to this.

Ebbing and flowing from the slow, almost commanding, guitar and vocal – The Snuts with All Your Friends have mastered the art of intrigue, something I love to hear in music. I can’t quite fathom how this track was pulled together and written, and its oscillating sounds make for a wonderful listen. From start to finish you feel genuine excitement and know you’re listening to something really quite special. To have the best of the UK’s best indie acts, balanced with the best of the heavier dancy rock acts like Kasabian, puts The Snuts in an exceptional position to kick on and be the band of the summer this festival season. Impressive. Impeccable. Invincible. The Snuts,

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