Single Review: Kid Kapichi – Glitterati

With new single release Glitterati, I reckon Hastings based band Kid Kapichi have created the biggest stir in the place in the past 953 years. The band told me the local Hastings music scene is truly banging, so that’s no mean feat.

When I caught Kid Kapichi play support to the mighty Calva Louise in Leeds Oporto a couple of months back I wrote: It’s a while since I’ve seen a support band receive such a rapacious reception; we were all grasping for more of Kid Kapichi’s brand of silky-sheer tight heavy rock and haunting psychobilly. Since that short time it is clear those nice Kapichi Kids made lots of friends; they have recently been signed to a management deal with ie music, supported the wonderful Blinders, they were invited to play at Frank Carter’s birthday bash and Radio 1 Jack Saunders declared their latest single Glitterati to be the “hottest record in the world”. That last comment saw Kid Kapichi hit the headlines in the Hastings Observer and when it gets to those heady heights it’s worth sitting up to watch what’s going on.

Single Glitterati sees the band maintain their customary high standards; the music is tight, loud and banging, the chorus rolling and shout along. The song is a biting commentary on the futility of commercialism and consumerism and how that little buzz you get from showing off these new things to your friends and on social media soon empties out and you are left looking for the next hit, fad or fashion. However, the lads share their message with a style and humour to highlight the futility of such a lifestyle without being preachy or sanctimonious about the message.

Glitterati is savage and biting with the trademark punching bass of Eddie Lewis and the hard controlled drums of George MacDonald leaving no pause for breath. With the lead guitars and vocals of the front men (Jack Wilson and Ben Beetham) having a luscious frantic swagger, there’s a tidy, tight urgency about the sound. 

In a music world in love with heavy, in the form of the likes of Blinders, Kasabian, Royal Blood, Slaves and Idles and with an environment of protest and challenge, Kid Kapichi are poised to be adored by far more fans. The band have been in the studio too and are set to drop an exciting new EP in July 2019.

Unfortunately at present the band have no gigs lined up for the North of the UK but I’m thinking this is the time for Kid Kapichi to really make their breakthrough, and I strongly recommend you hunt down this band as soon as you can.

Chris R

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