Single Review: LOCALS – Talkboy

The theme of LOCALS new song Talkboy is about the social anxiety as you say something wrong and the girl wanders off leaving you in need of a confidence boost. It’s a nice piece of lo-fi punk which vocally, musically and subject matter wise rather reminds me of the recently departed new wave great Pete Shelley and his band The Buzzcocks. There’s also something of the vibe of Wavves and the cool fuzz pop of Hockey Dad about this song.

I’d love to tell you that social awkwardness and lack of confidence is something that improves with age, but I still can feel that horrible burning sensation in my cheeks as I wonder why there is still such a disconnect between my brain and my tongue. The only thing that comes with age is that the surprisingly large number of folk who have stuck with me and accept and almost love that I’m socially inept. Oh yes, I also found a girl who could cope with me. I have a natural affinity to this song.

LOCALS is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Peech Panko (who was born a Rob in Grimsby and who made some well deserved waves as a solo singer a few years ago, but is now a Peech of London). Peech plans to build up the line up of LOCALS but rather unusually and disarmingly decided he need to cut a few tracks so potential band mates would know what the vibe was all about.

Things are thankfully not too serious. Peech explains I formed LOCALS with the intention of creating music that didn’t require too much brain power to listen to. Just happy, fun, cool, slack, easy, melodic singalong tracks to throw your shoes in the lake to.”

LOCALS have a couple of older single under their belt Swing & White Socks, which share the high class of this new release. LOCALS have recently signed to Leeds based Clue Records (home to the mighty Avalanche Party) and we expect great things moving forward.

Chris R

Header photo credit: Felicity Davies

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