Single Review: VENUS – Deranged

It’s not often I get genuinely “blown away” by debut singles. On the whole they’re often safe, just a glimmer of a band’s real potential and don’t really sound too ambitious.

It’s not often I swear in my reviews either – it just isn’t professional – but that being said…how fucking refreshing to hear a girl band breaking boundaries and producing music that screams “fuck what society thinks we should be doing as women, we’re going to make incredible rock music!” VENUS, ladies and gentleman, have officially announced themselves to the world with their debut single Deranged and it is, to put it simply, fucking insane.

Now, back to writing a professional review…

VENUS are a five-piece girl band from Leeds, Yorkshire and have been making waves on social media and on the live scene in Leeds for a few months now. I have to admit, whilst loosely following their activity I haven’t managed to catch them at a show yet as I thought they’d be just another start-up who’d need a year or so to hone their sound, and actually be any good. I also admit when I’m wrong, and with this one I’m so angry that I haven’t been to every single VENUS show they’ve played because I am so, so impressed by their debut Deranged.

Powered by GK, the track has a plethora of punk and alt-rock influences spanning decades which all combine to make a punk-rock track that is fit for 2019. Punk, pop-punk, alt-rock in general has suffered years of criticisms, and justly so, with sexual harassment, racism, sexism, you name it, all being issues – so having a female girl band leading the way so early in the year, to me, is just beautiful.

Now I’m not going to hark on about VENUS being just another girl band – they deserve much more than that. Deranged isn’t just a good song “for a girl band”, it is an incredibly well crafted and recorded track, full stop. The guitars, driven by GK, Hannah and Jess are both harmonious and erratic; Gabby’s drums are impeccably timed and provide a superb spine to the debut track; and Gracie’s synth adds something magical, to a track that’s already almost perfect. Deranged certainly makes an immediate impression and needs to be heard to be believed. Normally I hark on about tones and melody but with Deranged I have no words!

The girls describe the track as “a response to the negativity of the patriarchy but also empowerment for those who are often hushed.” I love that, I really do. The lyrics and the vocals by GK, together are some of the most powerful I’ve heard for some time. To say she is a talent would be the understatement of the decade; to say this band are a talent would be almost disrespectful. VENUS are the most exciting band I’ve heard in 2019 so far and it will not be long before they are both the figurehead for British female rock music and one day, British punk-rock. Superb debut!

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