Interview: Jack Perrett

Writing a series of features focusing on all the great artists This Feeling have picked to make it “Big in 2019” is a ridiculously exciting plan and one that has already led me to speaking with some of the great musicians in their long list of 30. One of the talented solo artists we believe This Feeling have nailed it with, is Jack Perrett, an indie rock artist from Newport, Wales. We spoke to Jack following the announcement he’d be one of This Feeling’s 2019 artists and reviewed the track on the record, Like a Fever.

So Jack, how does it feel to be named one of This Feeling’s Big in 2019?

I am absolutely buzzing with it to be honest. In my opinion, This Feeling are the biggest and best promoters for unsigned bands in the UK, so for them to believe in my music and offer me a tour, and to have the track placed on their Big In 2019 LP is a big deal for me.

What’s your relationship been like so far with Mikey and the team?

Really good I think. Mikey has been really supportive with all of my releases. I played my first This Feeling gig supporting John Hassle from the Libertines back in 2017. Since then I have quite a few shows with them, but now I’ve got my first tour coming up which I am really looking forward to.

2018 was a big year for you and you’ve had success with your EP outside of the UK, how does it feel knowing people in Australia and USA like your music?

In a way it feels surreal. But then with the internet, you can communicate with anyone anywhere in the world, so it makes sense. If you’ve got good songs and they’re on the internet, then they will get listened to it doesn’t matter where come from.

And closer to home you’ve had a lot of airplay across radio and TV, you must really feel you’re on the right track right now?

Yeah so my latest release ‘Like A Fever’ has been played on BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 music and Radio X to name a few. BBC Radio Wales have been really supportive too, especially DJ Janice Long who seems to really like my music. It seems to be going well. Hopefully 2019 is the year.

Single Review – Like a Fever

Jack ‘s Facebook page suggests his future in music is going to be entrenched in bringing Britpop’s golden era back and some have described the new single Like A Fever as a britpop resurgence; an artist channelling the Gallagher brothers but brought up to date. Whilst yes, there are some clear 90’s britpop influences in the riffs and tempo of the track; on the whole I actually think this comparison is perhaps a little lazy. With the release of Like A Fever, Jack Perrett has announced himself to the world as the artist leading the charge in fast paced indie rock music with music that is actually more original than the first few listens might make it out to be.

Like A Fever is an energetic, fast paced rock n’ roll indie banger. The first time I heard it, I thought “if Slaves and Jake Bugg decided to form an indie rock band this is exactly what it would sound like” and that’s why for me, he doesn’t fit the simple britpop mould. The entire 2:40 mins or so is a wonderful concoction of catchy lyrics, foot stomping riffs and above all, a quality, infectious vocal; but there are clear influences from across-decades and is far from a carbon copy of your typical rock band.

There aren’t too many songs that stick with you after one listen, but Jack has created something, nothing short of an indie classic with this one, and I simply cannot stop singing it. “The song started off with a guitar riff that I had, then I had a couple of verses with lyrics based around chord progression. Lyrically, the song is about the people who go out in their own city centres every Saturday night and get into trouble after not handling their drink.” Jack explains.

Back in 2006 I remember owning an NME CD which really brought commercial attention to bands like The Fratellis, Franz Ferdinand and The Maccabees, a great record featuring what would go on to be, some of the most timeless indie rock tracks from the last fifteen years. Like A Fever would not look out of place right amongst the huge tracks in there it really is that good. I don’t know what 2019 holds for Jack Perrett, I hope it’s a breakthrough year as he fills a gap I didn’t even know we had. What I do know though is it won’t be long before Jack Perrett is a household name, this is the start of something special

What are your plans for the year then?

Yeah like I said I’ve my tour coming up. I am also touring support for Bruce Foxton’s From The Jam which I am looking forward to too. Been in the studio this past week too so new music coming soon as well.

How has it been growing up in Wales trying to be a musician? Do you have many native influences?

It hasn’t been easy at times. Being from Newport the main reason, I think. It’s sort of like we are Cardiff’s little brother if you get what I mean. There’s no music scene in Newport, I couldn’t find a band to join or anyone who wanted to start a band. That’s why I am a solo artist because I had to do it myself. But Cardiff has got a great music scene. There are loads of bands from Cardiff who are great. Houdini Dax were one of my main local influences for starting out really. They were a great band with great tunes and a band I looked up to when I was starting out.

What would be top of your music bucket list?

To be able to make a living out of it really. I just want to try and avoid the average 9-5 to be honest ha.

Lastly, by January 2020, what would you like to have achieved?

Hopefully the tour goes well and we get a chance to do it all again. Also would love the chance to play at some big festivals this year.

All Jack’s upcoming dates and music can be found at – we cannot wait to see what Jack is going to do this year!

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