Single Review: Sea Legs – Head in the Sand

It’s not too often you hear a fully formed sound on a first track but that’s what you get with Leeds trio Sea Legs and their November debut release Head in the Sand.  There’s plenty of complexity and polish in this crisp song which instantly has something of the quality, mature sound of Wilco but which also spends a bit of time morphing into a nice bit of fuzz for a while which reminds me something of the 1960’s West Coast with the sensibilities of the Doors, and the harmony and class of someone like early 70’s Fleetwood Mac or America. It’s a positive niche to be in just now, and it fits nicely with the relaxed beardy look these former Leeds College of Music students have just now.

The lyrics of Head in the Sand have a theme that hit a chord with many of us; wasting our time drifting rather than embracing life and hitting things head on. I particularly love the inspired line about “buying books about cacti just to make the hours pass by”; both a perfectly quirky rhyme and a striking image although perhaps a little harsh for true lovers of Xerophytes (now I will be truly buzzed if the band could ever fit that word into a lyric).

It is no surprise to me that Sea Legs have been named as one of Future Sounds Ones to Watch for 2019; after just one released track it’s abundantly clear the band have huge potential. The band are named after a track on The Shins cautiously early psychedelic pop influenced album Wincing The Night Away which offers a clue as to the sound these Sea Legs guys seek to push into new directions. Sea Legs have already been in the recording studio and H2N can’t wait to hear what comes next.

Chris R  

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