Single Review: roves – beneath my skin

Reading based roves are exactly the reason why my long quest for the perfect sound will never be at an end. Just when I think I’ve finally found it, along come along a band like roves luring me onto the choppy dangerous, but exciting rocks of the ocean with their sweeping, soaring tunes.

While my long ingrained sensibilities for a capital letter in the right places is severely tested, this young band have definitely been a highlight for the year for me with their melodic, soulful and rather sorrowful intense sound. I’m pretty much a sucker for emotion and voice in music and roves show both in spades.  

The band (Ethan Morgan (Vocals/Guitar), Connor Coutts (Guitar), Ellis Morgan (Bass/Vocals) and Matt Jamieson (Drums)) end 2018 on a high with the glorious, seriously poetic and nicely assured single “beneath my skin”. There is something of the quality, sleepy and special uniqueness of Radiohead about roves, but the sound is less forced, less anguished and more relaxed. What is left within roves is a delicious spacious landscape; lazy, dreamy and a promise of many more days in the sun.  The song is about being cosy with a love and feeling intensely close. There’s even a reference to Forbury in the lyrics, a Reading park which was the grassland around the former abbey; a nice peaceful open space.

roves have been kind enough to share with me a pre-release preview of their EP a strung out pilot, of which beneath my skin is the first release. Again the tracks offer a beautiful vision with lush imagery and flowing vibes to accompany; these guys must be crying out for a talented graphics artist to produce them an atmospheric video. Oh wait…

The EP will be released in all its glory in 2019 and I recognise the tracks show a new variety in the roves sound and musical poetry in spades. Its release can only make more people notice roves as we progress through the year; let’s see how far this band fly.

Chris R

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