Single Review: Bengal Lancers – Big Ideas

Perhaps Christmas is the season to remind ourselves that those grand ideas and plans for the future created down the pub after a few jars with the lads and the lasses never quite turn out to be quite so wonderful the following morning. London based indie bouncers Bengal Lancers take this as the story to their latest released track Big Ideas.

The theme of the track reminds me of a tale a friend recanted; on holiday they accidently flooded their rented caravan and clubbed together some cash to buy some extra towels to help dry out the carpet. After a few beers en-route they decide that sliced bread would make a logical cheaper alternative. Bread laid out on the floor to soak up the water, caravan door opened to let in the breeze, our duo get beer sleepy and fall asleep in the sun outside for a few hours. On waking, their caravan is full of ducks, duck mess and little remaining bread. Suffice to say they lost their deposit; so much for drunken big ideas.

The song is a nice piece of crisp, funky indie pop with some memorable moody guitar work with a killer hook; the overall effect has something of the feel of Foals or Cassia. While of course there’s fun in the song and that rueful sense of doing something silly, the guys (Harry Sullivan, Max Hutchins, Charlie Hawkins and Aidan Wickham) also perfectly catch that initial flush of embarrassment with the lead line “You are never going to be what you want to be”. This is a band not afraid to be honest within their song writing.  

2018 has seen Bengal Lancers work up their craft with some well received headline live shows and being support to Cassia, and of course releasing a series of intelligent slow growers. Bengal Lancers feel and sound re-born after relocating to London from Leicester where they formed 6 years ago. 2019 is set to see the band continue this progress; there are tracks ready to release and the guys have promised an intention to show their faces to the North this year, as well as line up some festival slots.

Next up for the band is a show at Hoxton’s legendary Old Blue Last (where I bought a couple of beers with cash earlier this year and was treated like a northern dinosaur) on February 2nd with Taboos as support.

Chris R

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