EP Review: Backspace – Boys

It’s been quite a year for Guiseley based Backspace. The band wowed Halfway 2 Nowhere at the start of the year with their cool lo-fi first releases (Final Shout and Don’t Stunt Your Growth) and after a series of well received gigs over the summer months and autumn, they certainly keep the water boiling with a new set of tracks with their Boys EP.

The band (Harry, Alex, Rosie, Miles and Harry) are barely into their teens but as my recent experience of seeing this punchy band live as support to the Elephant Trees showed, they have developed apace all summer and the new Boys EP sees a new funky confidence to the band.  

When I heard Boys live I initially imagined a new wave hang dog cover of Charli XCX, but this is an original track; a spiky, weary delivery about the frailties of the weaker male gender. I am one, my best friends are boys and I’m well placed to confirm its true; we men are horribly annoying and it never gets any better. There’s the delightfully uncompromised Backspace DIY indie feel to this track, but with a new musical sophistication and a more complex beat and layers of underlying rhythm. Nevertheless the band have left plenty of space in their music and there’s very little excess flab or beat on this song.


Sick and Tired shows the versatility of the band with organ and horn together with a strong rhythm; this is a pleasantly rolling track which with the homely sound of the brass has a distinctly proud northern feel to it. There’s a tight funk to this song too.     

I love a banger and while it’s a close call the top track of the EP to my ear is the slow burning sarcastic tune Winging It. That signature guitar solo running down the notes does it for me. The track is about someone who just makes it up as he goes along; it could be my signature tune dear reader. In this track I enjoy the different phases and paces of the song and again the musical growth of this band is clear to hear as they get down and dirty around a complex drum beat, and Rosie again shares a smart slightly disapproved tone in her vocal.     

Backspace are ending 2018 in the way they began it; style and sass in spades and not afraid to carve their own niche in the local music scene. It can only only get better in 2019 for this band.

Chris R

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