Album Review: Demons of Ruby Mae

Manchester based duo Demons of Ruby Mae popped out a self titled album of sheer luxury and pleasure at the end of October.

The Demons of Ruby Mae (Adam Rowley and Jonny Gavin) originally from Leicester formed the band five years ago, since then releasing a string of increasingly sublime and dramatic tunes. The sound is a seamless blend of Jonny’s haunting and powerful voice while Adam does more of the keys and drums; both play guitar. Musically there’s a good pace to the music (there’s just a light touch of synth-doom here), there’s a delightfully complexity in the rhythm and the guys certainly know how to pull out a pleaser.        

By the time a band is thinking of releasing an album they will have released a number of well received singles. There’s always a conundrum; should the familiar tried and tested fit into the release, but it is at the risk of producing something that doesn’t necessarily fit together as a whole. Thankfully Demons of Ruby Mae have achieved the unusual with this album. Tracks like the beautifully delicate Beneath the Surface can boast over 3 million spotify plays, but it sounds as fresh and crisp as it did when it was first released, but also be vital to the album.

The art here is that the band have carved out a distinct timeless sound meaning the tracks on the album that have enjoyed a previous life as a single fit snugly into the whole. More unfamiliar tracks like Records blend keys and strings and offer a number of different paces and phases to the song as it progresses giving another layer to the band.

Live, the Demons of Ruby Mae are indeed demons of power producing a wall of sound that can shoot shivers down the spine. I’ve seen Jonny silence a chatting crowd with the power and beauty of his vocals. While the band have recently finished a short tour to promote the album, look out for them again in the New Year.   

These synth boys have a magical blend of sophistication and power and this recording is pretty flawless throughout its 32 minutes of play time. The album has been a long time in the works; not only has it been lovingly prepared over the past couple of years (and recorded in studios in France) Jonny has been in bands since his teens. It has been well worth the effort and for me this Demons of Ruby Mae debut is an album I’m happy to say has engaged a considerable amount of worthwhile time over the past month; the vinyl version is a prized possession.

Chris R

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