Single Review: The Attic Doctors – Feed the Pig

There is a theory that political activists can achieve their goals by worming their way into establishment roles and to slowly subvert the organisation from within. This thought comes to mind listening to Bolton’s The Attic Doctors latest single Feed The Pig.

This is a track you could happily spin to anyone; with its rather catchy funky beat it feels almost Daft Punk with an indie edge. The lyrics are however a different story; exposing the thin veneer of the possession focussed media ideal, showing how easy it is to buck it for alternative and more real and rewarding values.

Of course, for those of us who love indie music (rather than those artists we are “supposed” to follow), the Attic Doctors are pushing at an open door but this new track is a pleasant and clever way to share the view. The disconcerting message is that indeed that nobody’s in control. After considering the Brexit negotiations at the time of writing, perhaps that has become only too apparent.

As I’m personally fascinated by how regional accents deal with the word, a particular highlight is the very Manchester tone to the line with “fuck” in it. For those thinking that the Attic Doctors last single Sauce was a catchy banger, then Feed The Pig moves the band on a pace, and it’s a seriously mellow piece of dance funk indie.

The five piece (Dean Peatfield, Joe Cubbin, Liam Duffy, Matty Dagger and Jack Smith) have set up a homecoming show to celebrate the birth of their latest cherished creation at Bolton’s Kahiki on Saturday 1 December; proceeds will be used to buy supplies for Bolton’s homeless.

Chris R


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