Single Review: Oceans on Mars – Cold Blooded

It must be a serious dream for any unsigned sixth form college band to find one of their tracks featured on Match of the Day one idle Sunday, and it has certainly given Cheshire band Oceans on Mars a flying start. It must have been frustrating for these 17 year olds not to be able to celebrate with a legal beer.

The 5 piece (singer Joe Sant, lead guitarist/songwriter Angus Scott, drummer Greg Wilkes, bassist Alex Fairhurst and rhythm guitarist James Oldham) have certainly hit the ground running as their Spotify account not only boasts an impressive tally of four songs for such a young band, but almost 100,000 hits in total too.

Oceans on Mars August released single, Cold Blooded, is a seriously cool paced piece of hard stuff. If you are into the likes of Pearl Jam, Chilli Peppers, Kasabian, Nirvana and the heavy edge of indie then these guys have a serious quality offer. I like that these lads aren’t afraid to control a relaxed pace and not overcrowd the notes to let the music sink in. Music and vocals are supremely confident, hard, mature and seriously rocking. There’s plenty more in the tank from this band.

The latest track (November) released song Natural extends an earthy organic feel to the music. I feel there’s the forests in the beautiful wilderness outside Seattle right at the core of this song. Again while there is an urgency and power to the music there is that control of pace; it’s like driving a car with plenty of power to get out of trouble and this is a 5 minute power cruise. Oceans on Mars are a band who just feel like they could play tight and rolling like this all evening.

Oceans on Mars are playing the Manchester Club Academy on 9 November as support to another local young band The Mallinsons. If you are up for a fresh new band with loads of sass then grab your tickets.

Chris R

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