Apollo Junction release soaring new single Always Remember

I’m guessing those Leeds lads Apollo Junction must have changed their brand of Yorkshire Tea or something this year, as following their solid debut singles of 2017 they have clearly taken something and developed exponentially. Thus the tag end of 2018 finds Apollo Junction on the cusp of releasing some increasingly confident and free flowing tracks to close the year and to make 2019 something to welcome.

Listening to the preview download of Apollo Junction’s banging new single Always Remember evokes thoughts of the very best of the sweeping majesty of the likes of New Order or Daft Punk. This is a perfect four and a half minutes to hook and lose yourself into; there’s a perfect looping floating electronic tune and uplifting chant. This past year or so bands like Stereo Honey and Apollo Junction have realised plenty of us are missing quality, majestic, bouncy electro-guitar music and are rapidly filling the gap.

Always Remember starts with a jokey Phonix Nights type corny intro before quickly sweeping it away with a lively full on gushing sound of swirling guitars and soaring keyboards. This is New Order territory at its best, but with the sensibilities of someone like Hot Chip with a full share of hypnotic rhythm. The vocals of Jamie Williams have a rather pleasing careworn and slightly wild edge to it, which adds to the urgency of the song, and then we lose ourselves in that glorious soaring chorus. The lyrics offer a slightly paranoid but cosy comfort in having friendship and support in a hostile world. The rest of the band (Matt Wilson- guitar, Sam Potter – keys, Jonathan Thornton – Drums and Ben Hope – Bass) give a wonderfully flowing performance which gladdens the heart.

If Apollo Junction’s last year’s jaunty banger Begin set hearts racing, then Always Remember moves the guys onto another level and suggests the trajectory for this band is only at the start. It’s no wonder some fans are already boasting they have seen this band 10 times or more. Catch Apollo Junction live at York Fibbers on 3 November alongside Tom Hingley and the Carpets, and the Doncaster Leopard on November 24th.

Chris R


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