Stereo Honey reach the skies with new single Icarus

You know it’s a band you love when they fit all snugly around you like a well loved trainer. I’ve been locked in a near-cupboard at home all day on a decade old laptop twice a week to help clear a horrendous work backlog and one of the bands I’ve had playing constantly in the background to provide simultaneous comfort and sanity from the vicious and sustained blunt assault to my brain has been London based Stereo Honey.

The band’s latest release Icarus (the third release for their second four track EP) is as soaring and ambitious as the name suggests. Icarus was of course the chap who drowned while trying to escape Crete with his father Daedalus (who created the labyrinth for King Minos) using feather and wax wings and who was warned neither to fly too close to the sea or too close to the sun for fear of failure.

The song is a very lush dreamy interpretation of the story; it rather reminds me of Bowie’s Space Oddity in terms of the imagery; it’s both beautiful and tragically doomed. The song itself has some glowing chorus work, swirling guitars and the beautiful soaring voice of lead singer Pete Restrick. There’s something of Rumours era Fleetwood Mac or even Crosby, Stills and Nash about those honey dripping harmonies and glowing shimmering production.

To bring a twist to the tale the lyrics return to a Stereo Honey theme about the typical male image (perhaps that father : son relationship particularly sometimes throws up such pressures and stereotypes – I know it does with my old man) and how difficult it is to live up to. This is a quality product of beauty and you will covet it totally.

Stereo Honey are playing live at the forthcoming action packed Neighbourhood Festival in Manchester at 4pm on Saturday 6th October at the lovely Deaf Institute (and the fabulous Pale White are there immediately afterwards). If you miss them there, Stereo Honey also play Leeds Oporto on Sunday 7th October.

Chris R

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