Single Review: Roves – All We Came To Know

roves are one of the bands I’ve been really excited about discovering this year; their music and attitude are exactly what I still enjoy searching for.

I particularly admire the way roves have been fully focused on their own sound; a deliciously atmospheric, ambient, slightly sad and intelligent vibe. It feels like this band have a lot to get off their chests and they don’t particularly bend to the popular or divert from that pure noise rattling in their heads.  What roves share in raw honesty is accompanied by a beautifully executed flowing sense of open space.

roves are not a sunray short of a sunrise here with All We Came To Know. The vocals of lead singer Ethan Morgan stretches like smooth caramel across the song and the backing sound of Connor Coutts (Guitar), Ellis Morgan (Bass/Vocals) and Matt Jamieson (Drums) add the vast spacey sound, which has the feel of the sweeping majesty of someone like Radiohead while keeping their feet on the ground and making it current.

Another 2018 band I have grown to adore this year is Stereo Honey; to my ear there are some similarities with the sheer ambition and majesty in the song. If those Honey guys adored Joy Division then they would sound a little like roves.

At risk of running out of superlatives with this third single All We Came To Know, roves build upon their incredibly confident debut Always, and their second sensitive and delicate song I Fear The Water.

While much anticipated, All We Came To Know is not a track that disappoints in the slightest. There’s a somewhat disconcertingly cold sounding start to the song and which builds up into an honest and stripped tale about being weary of supporting someone. Rather than this being an angry petulant argument, the lyrics and most importantly the vibe of the music makes it a tale of regret as the soaring tune gives a feel for a love song of epic proportions.


If you don’t ever feel emotion of this kind then I regret you may miss out on life.

Whatever the roves guys achieve in future years this is 4:43 of music they can be totally proud of. It’s time for me to call it dear reader; I think roves All We Came To Know is going to be one of my personal top 3 tracks of the year.

Chris R


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