Single Review: The Maitlands – Daunting from Derker

Self described Oldham’s least favourite sons The Maitlands​ have just released their new track, Daunting From Derker, the fourth track out this year from these busy lads.

For those not in the know, Derker is home to an Oldham metro tram stop sadly renowned in recent times for violent hammer attacks in the car park. It is no surprise to find The Maitlands have produced an edgy, paranoid piece where the first word in the song is a repeated anxious “stranded”. The song recounts the stress of being stranded on the tram line when it’s about to kick off.

The song itself is a bouncing indie rocker with some clear roots traceable back to original rockabilly; from the moody, shake and pleasing echo in Carl L Ingham’s vocals and the jaunty beat produced from Matt Byrne (bass) and Saul Gerrard (drums). The flowing echoing full on sound of the guitars of Francis Moran and Ste Ackley make up the piece. While The Maitlands are feeling polished on this track, there’s also a pleasing trademark garage edge that remains.

I’m going back a generation but with this song I’m getting something of the vibe for the classic power of Generation X/ Billy Idol and Dancing With Myself, or perhaps early heavy Psychedelic Furs (when they were good). Like Idol and the Furs, The Maitlands have the ear for a flowing memorable beat which lingers in the head for hours after a play. Even the slow bit towards the end of the song is perfectly timed.

Give Daunting from Derker three goes and you will be hooked on a high with a smile lingering on your chops; it’s a little like crack but very much healthier.

The Maitlands are flying; producing a consistent set of clever memorable bangers which show fast development for the band and sound excellent both in the studio and in the venue.

To celebrate the release of this banging new song The Maitlands play The Eagle in Salford on Saturday 15 September with those incredibly promising newbies Callow Youth, The Paupers and Haha Sick (how tempted am I with that one). Then there is The Railway at Greenfield on 29 September, and Sowerby’s Blind Pig on 5 October. Later  they are support to punk legends Peter and the Test Tube Babies on 7 October at the Witchwood in Ashton and they support the Vuromantics at another mouth watering gig at Night and Day in Manchester on 1st November.

This autumn is perfect time to catch The Maitlands; trust me.

Chris R

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