Single Review: The Sheratons – These Kids

The first track we reviewed in 2018 was one by The Sheratons and we described it as “a solid indie-pop song that will help bring in fans before the band unleash their true musical potential”. We thought at the time Better Days was good but perhaps not as good as the band could be; last month though, they released their new single These Kids, a track which proves the band have stepped it up a level trying to improve on their debut.

For once, the press release provided by the band offered the perfect description of the track for the listener. “The single throws you in to a fast pace verse which then follows into a grungy guitar riff. ‘These Kids’ is a perfect blend of heavy bass lines and punky vocals, the catchy chorus and blistering solo will be sure to hook any listener.”  There is an attitude to the band within the vocals that was missing in Better Days and it’s a joy to hear this ambition and aggression come through.

At times the track sounds almost Rise Against-esque which is considerably different to the sound I thought they’d take way back in January. Whilst yes, These Kids is predominantly an indie foot stomper, the way in which the lyrics and vocals have been crafted does have a much harder sound to it. That, combined with Libertines style guitar solos and riffs make for a delightful, fast-paced listen that is a huge step from where The Sheratons were 9 months ago.

These Kids had a massive single launch back in August and something is clearly building in The Sheratons’ camp; the song is one that sounds like its come from a band just waiting to explode onto the music scene and I think this track can do just that for them. With aggression and rapid tracks taking the forefront now (just look at the success of IDLES), the band have certainly adapted their sound  to make sure they put themselves right where they need to be to kick on and make a real name of themselves in 2019.

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