R&L 2018 – Artist of the Weekend, Sounds Like a Storm

This weekend marks the best three days in the British music calendar as Reading and Leeds Festivals take place. We have picked one artist, opening up the Radio 1 Stage, as our artist of the weekend who you simply cannot miss – they’re Leeds band Sounds Like a Storm. 

For about 2 years now, we’ve followed this four-piece grow from a generic rock band, to one of the most exciting bands in England. On Friday they will open up the whole festival down in Reading before playing to, an anticipated huge crowd at Bramham Park in Leeds. Ahead of the band’s biggest sets of their life (potentially opening for Bring Me the Horizon!!!) we spoke to front man Sennen Ludman to find out just what this opportunity means to Sounds Like a Storm.

How the fuck does it feel to be playing the Radio 1 stages at Leeds and Reading!?

The feeling honestly is unreal, I’m 18 years old and about to share a stage that my idols have walked on. Leeds and and Reading is talked about so much in the industry and they still hold this prestigious aura that surrounds them, so to be a part is honestly a dream come true. Let alone on the BBC Radio one tent, like how the fuck did that even happen. You yourself know we’ve not been a band too long, so to be here already can only look good for the future. There’s a lot of pressure that comes with gigs like this, but that’s the buzz that we do it for, yanno what I mean?

How much work have you put in as a band to get to this point?

People just will not understand. This band is our life. This is what we want to do, this is or life plan, so we’re investing everything we have into it, just the same as people going university to get their dream job, we put the hours in just like them to achieve what we want. I wouldn’t hesitate to say we’re one of the most hardworking bands in the north, possibly the UK. People just don’t know what’s coming.

For those that have never heard of SLAS – how would you describe your music?

Our music is honest. Real music. With real lyrics. With a real vibe. Too many bands about their are trying to be people there not, making music which fits in for the time it was realised. We release and create real rock and roll music, with lyrics everyone can relate to. We plug on your emotions, which ingrained with the slick lead guitar and the unorthodox drumming patterns for percussion, could only ever make you wanna move.

And going right back, how and where did the band all start?

Basically we started out as a little high school band, where we managed to play the 02 Academy through AMP AWARDS. There I met Joe in the crowd, describing himself as this ace drummer, so he gave me his number to be in contact if we ever needed a drummer. At the time we had a year 7 kid on drums, who was fucking insane. Like I’ve seen a lot of music and a lot of drummers but no one compares to him, why the fuck did we get rid of him? Anyway, we did, Joe soon came into the band, and instantly clicked, putting fuel on the fire, to believe in the dream.

Did you ever dream of making it this far so early in your career?

I wouldn’t say any of us would have said 2 years ago, “the year of 2018 we’ll be playing Leeds and Reading Radio 1 Stage.” Like that wasn’t even thinkable. But like I’ve said previously the hours of work we put in is outrageous, like we want this. So I don’t see it as a surprise, more of an achievement, yanno what I mean? Like this year has been of the scale for us, so this just tops it off for us really.

This year’s been huge then, but ehere do you see SLAS in three year’s time?

If we keeping working as hard as we are. Who knows? Let’s hope it’s positive. The goal would be to have a record deal, record the debut and be doing even bigger shows, just wanna keep going yanno? Like this shouldn’t ever stop, just wanna keep getting bigger and bigger, realising more music as we go.

What makes your band stand out next to all of the other rock bands coming out of Leeds and the rest of the UK right now?

I think the fact like I’ve said previously, it’s just honest, real music. We don’t try be anyone were not. The music is just classic, and raw not many bands attempt that any more but it’s working for us. Our live shows are where we generate our name, which is more important to me; I would rather someone remember you from seeing live than some shitty little audio they’ve come across online. It’s all about feeling and passion.

Bands like Kasabian have said that new bands won’t be good enough to headline festivals…how do you respond to comments like that?

I think bands like Kasabian need to get out of their dressing rooms, and back on planet earth if I’m honest. They’ve made a passing comment about new bands, but i guarantee they can’t remember the last time they’ve watch an unsigned artist. Every big bands been small. It’s bollocks, people think rock and rolls dead, but it’s well and truly alive.

Who else are you looking forward to seeing/sharing a stage with this weekend?

Wolf Alice are very high on my schedule for the weekend. Such a quality band and I’ve never seen them, so should be a great experience. Will be nice to catch up and see The Blinders again, always a roller coaster experience seeing them live. There’s so many to think of yanno, not really focusing on that side of the festival yet. I need to get in the mindset to perform to the best that I can. Who knows what can come from it?

What’s next for the band after these huge shows?

We’re booking a UK tour for the latter end of the year, with a naughty surprise that will hit Leeds very soon. We’ll hopefully be touring our 3rd single which is very exciting, and then hopefully just keep doing what we’re doing . Can only keep getting better.

A storm is definitely coming – where did the name come from?

I created the name, I wanted something no other band would have. Too many names out there are a fucking fruit machine has just decided a name. Like you’ll see bands on a festival with the same start to a name what’s that about? I wanted something unique, but powerful. Music needs to be powerful. I think the names so strange, people tent to remember it for good or bad purposes? The name gives us diversity, linking to the idea of different kinds of storms, which allows us to created different types of music. I don’t know, a names a name, certainly not changing it now.

Lastly, we’ve been huge supporters of yours since the start and have loved watching the band grow – up until now what has been the highlight of SLAS and just how big are these shows for you as a band?

You’re support over this short period of time has been unreal. There’s so many people out there who have turned there head to us, and for people like you guys to believe in us, that’s what we’re in it for. Yet alone you’ll have seen the progression of this band, certainly this year I believe the improvement recording and live has gone up massively. But yes these two shows, I believe will define us certainly for the next couple of years. These are milestones in our journey so far, but I can’t stress how much we deserve it. We will not disappoint. There’s a storm coming…



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