Single Review: Melancholy Ray – Lampshade

With a name like Melancholy Ray, you’d be forgiven for assuming the music that would be produced by the Callum Fewell’s project would be laid back easy listening. Far from it though as the Leeds band have just released their fourth, energetic single Lampshade.

The track is a three minute blast through all genres of indie rock music with distinct influences evident throughout. From the bouncy Libertines/Wombats esque start to the Johnny Marr vocals, Lampshade encompasses 40 years of indie music in one, guitar fuelled burst.

All of these influences taken into consideration, at points the song doesn’t sound like it works as one piece of music. The drums and vocals are mismatched and the guitar riffs often compete…but…given time, and a few listens, it all begins to make sense and when you hear the music you’re expecting to hear, it’s exceptional.

Musically, many indie rock bands coming through right now are so focussed on creating a jangly riff, or a four chord progression; Melancholy Ray though have some serious talent (either that or they’re very lucky with their musical production!) With a bit of support and backing, they could go a long way and we’re sitting now in anticipation of single number five.

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