Single Review: The Attic Doctors – Sauce

North-west five piece The Attic Doctors came across our radar at the start of this month when they released their third single Sauce. The track, which was one of the first to be written by the band was always going to benefit from a successful release due to already becoming a fan favourite in live shows. The track though importantly, is just as impressive on track and is a major leap from their previous two singles having listened to them since the release of Sauce on August 3rd.

“When we first played ‘Sauce’ live we all felt that it stood out. After cutting the majority of our early material, ‘Sauce’ remained in the set, so we wanted to honour this by making it a single,” says frontman Dean Peatfield. We can only agree with these sentiments from Peatfield as we have struggled to turn it off since we first clicked play.

The track itself is a groovy indie banger that manages to capture everything it means to be indie whilst adding an “Attic Doctor Spin” to the track. The verses are psychedelic yet funky and the chorus is a driving sing-a-long section that the Gallagher brothers would be proud of. If you had to compare the band to anybody right now it’d like if Blossoms and The Amazons had a love child.

There is a wonderful balance of indie cliches and quality guitar riffs that remind me of the first time I heard Catfish, when they were free and exploring music for themselves. It doesn’t feel try-hard or that it’s forced and the band actually sound in their element on Sauce. I’m really excited about what’s coming next and would love to see them grow and perfect this sound they’ve worked hard on to get this far. Top effort!


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