EP Review: The Goa Express – Use Your Brain

Burnley based The Goa Express have taken time out of their busy local gig schedule to release their third single; this time a four track EP Use Your Brain.

Once again the boys treat us to a psych/baggy extravaganza. Opening track My Day Monday starts the EP off fairly sedately with some good crashing guitars but with a nicely buzzing high pitched whoo chorus. I do so like boys trying to sound like girls. Perhaps there’s a deeply suppressed fantasy in there somewhere.

Second track Lost Property really sees our boys enter the room with a strong statement of  intent. This has a funky bouncy start before our lads move into late 80’s baggy mode with a sweet swirling chorus and a vocal with swaggering attitude. The lyrics have good imagery with the singer feeling lost.  There’s a lot to like with this beat and I’m gonna call it smashed and the track of the EP.

Next is a song, Waka’s Eyes replete with the echo and atmosphere of the likes of the Inspiral Carpets. Here the beat moves relentlessly forward, while the tight guitar work merrily weaves an eastern spell.

Final track Want To finishes off the quartet of songs in fine style. Again we have the thrashing guitars and strong beat and a nicely pitched echo on the West Coast psychedelic tinged vocals.

Having seen these lads live a couple of times I know The Goa Express whip up a storm on stage and get their audience wild enough to soil themselves. I’ve no reason to think Goa Express won’t do the full noisy fuzzy messy works at Todmordon’s Golden Lion during their bank holiday Saturday all dayer (what better way to spend the time?) or at the Karma Fest all nighter at Leeds’ lovely Belgrave Music Hall on Saturday September 8th where a host of psych bands perform for a bargain 15 notes. Dive in.

Chris R

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