Single Review: Courtyards – Backseat

The first time we saw Courtyards in January 2017, we knew they were a real talent. One of the songs on a setlist on my wall still (sad I know!) has a whole host of tracks that are now sing-a-longs at any Courtyards show – but there’s been just one track I’ve been waiting for the Huddersfield based band to release, latest single Backseat. 

Whilst the band may not have reached the heights they maybe should have by now, they’re music has always been composed and fairly safe. Backseat though, kicks off with a dirty bass riff, made for dancing along to and is a big first step away from four-chord accomplished indie music. This funkiness continues throughout, with vocalist Matt Riley in his element, really bringing the attitude and flair that he shows live, onto the recorded track.

The main reason that I’ve wanted this track to be released for so long though, is all down to the power and beauty of the chorus. It is, no question, a perfect indie-rock chorus with belting vocals, harmonious guitars and a punchy drum driving it on. From the first chorus on, Courtyards sound like a band that’s been at the top of the rock charts for years rather than an outfit still on their way up.

All of the elements of Backseat combine to perfection and is without doubt the highlight of the band’s catalogue so far. The middle eight slides into a great band jam session and I can picture the guys in the studio having so much fun recording this as that’s what they’re all about. It’s a professional, well put together track as all Courtyards songs are, but for me Backseat is their funnest, most enjoyable to date.

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