Sauce // Magick Trick

Fresh Manchester band Sauce  and their new cheeky little track Magick Trick serves up a devilishly clever melding. I’ll resist the temptation to suggest it’s as good as the day I discovered the mix of hot chilli and barbeque.

Magick Trick gives me a feel for the heyday of 60’s and 70’s blues rock (think maybe Whitesnake) but with extra punch because it’s blended with a smattering of the strut and cockrock of the likes of Kasabian. The result is a nicely retro hypnotic rolling tune which just has to be played on any late summer beach road trip. There’s quite the tight rolling guitar and drum work going on behind the classic rock vocals.

Perhaps it’s the reference to the British occultist Aleister Crowley and his concept of Thelema (black magick as opposed to performance magic) which has done the trick, but Magick Trick is the band’s best release by the distance of an axe throw (and its immediate predecessor There’s A Fool is a tune). It is also perhaps no co-incidence that rock legend Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page was well known for his interest with occultish things.

It does seem that 2018 has seen Sauce discover and relish its identity with a heavier and more distinctive sound. The groovy 1970’s style cartoon images for the band graphics also give the band more style and definition. That all sorted, it seems difficult to imagine that Sauce won’t move forward at a fast pace from here on.

Sauce (Henry Lewis, Dean Molyneux, Lewis Rushton and George Stead) are very nicely coming on point for their support appearance at the well respected and influential British Sound Project in Manchester on 22 September, and then for Wakefield Oxjam on 21 October. They will no doubt also be getting the dough rising at Manchester’s Bread Shed on the 27th October.

Chris R


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