Single Review: Johnny Kills – Who’s Counting

Surf-glam..what does that mean I found myself asking when I read that this was the genre of music Johnny Kills best describe themselves as. Having admittedly never heard of the band until they dropped into our inbox, I was intrigued to find out that it is a genre of music I am a huge fan of!

Who’s Counting kicks off with a suitable level of scuzz that echoes the sound of one of our favourite bands Asylums wonderfully. With a few tracks behind them now, Johnny Kills seem to have honed their sound do be a blend of this scuzz and surf-pop which is demonstrated throughout their latest effort. As the song progresses through the catchy riffs I find myself imagining the track played live to a bouncing crowd and I do think the band have found a niche that will serve them well on the live circuit.

The track isn’t just a flat piece of rock music though, the grungy vocal elements are contrasted with higher, almost The Feeling esque sounds which keeps you fully engaged for the duration of the track. There seems to also be an experimental freedom within the guitarists and rather than sticking to a formula and being the perfectly crafted scientific track, the song sounds believable.

The band of brothers and Cameron Gripp have upped their game having listened to their previous tracks since discovering them. Yes the track is a little rough around the edges but I have no problem with that at all. The driving bassline, coupled with the roaring vocals make for a fantastic listen and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next from these three guys!

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