The Covasettes – Top Drawer

When we covered Manchester band The Covasettes March release “Wondering Why”, we were optimistic that the band could be one to drive a new age of guitar music in the city. It’s been just over three months since then and whilst it feels like we’ve been waiting an age for the follow up Top Drawer, we’re very glad it’s here just in time to be a focal point of the soundtrack to our summer.

Now, I rarely like criticising other reviewers’ opinions but I’ve seen several hints that The Covasette’s have “sold out” stylistically on their new track. Yes they have replaced their punchy four chord sound which was working very well with a more jingly summer sound – but it is without doubt much more musically accomplished and technically superior to their previous two releases.

Top Drawer has all of the elements of early Catfish and the Bottlemen and Two Door Cinema Club tracks whilst still fitting the well formed identity of the young four-piece. It’s the perfect track for any huge indie summer playlist and by putting out a more indie track they are actually pushing themselves as they’re trying to prove they can cut it in this ridiculously saturated genre. My only criticism of the track itself would be that I’d have liked to see a few more layers or a slight change in sound – but as far as a summer, relaxing anthem goes, it’s almost perfect.

The brand new single from The Covasettes gives me hope that they can kick on, really identify and refine the sound they want, whether it’s a bit heavier or just like Top Drawer, and challenge some of the big boys in the upcoming indie rock market. Check out the new track right here.

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