Far Caspian // Let’s Go Outside

Earlier this year H2N seriously lapped up the sound of local Leeds based quartet Far Caspian with their gentle but buzzing first single Holding On.  So we were eagerly awaiting whether the follow up track would show similar promise. Happily Let’s Go Outside is a sophisticated bit of shoegaze, lo fi pop which keeps the dream alive. Again there’s a lot of that early 1970’s lazy days West Coast feel that fans of the likes of Tame Impala, Swimming Tapes. MGMT or the Smith Westerns will happily soak into their sun kissed skins.

Let’s Go Outside is a song about disconnection and is inspired by lead singer Joel Johnston’s permanent move from his native Northern Island to Leeds. Those of us that know the city well feel his pain. I particularly like the sweet harmony (the high slightly owlish hooting just has to be shouted back at these boys live) and the soft but smartly paced rolling rhythm. While Johnston might be disconcerted about the upheaval there clearly is a positive excitement there too. Indeed the song title is all about getting over that initial fear and getting out there “to see what this life’s about”.


There must have been a temptation to try to make this song slickly produced, but I much prefer the slightly deliberately fuzzy vibe I get to this track. Over production strips all the personality out of a song in my book, and I like the very slight edge here which stops the track from feeling too sweet.

I saw Far Caspian live earlier this year and enjoyed the vibe and sound of the band, and I’m looking forward to how the band will feel after they release their full debut EP later this year. Any student types coming to Leeds this autumn will do much worse than explore the deep dark cellars of the Key Club on September 26th where Far Caspian play with Indoor Pets and whenyoung.

Chris R


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